1 thought on “Worst Macro Data Since Lehman Sparks Stock Buying Frenzy”

  1. The US stock market has become so riddled with side bets, so twisted in purpose, it no longer makes much sense in relation to Main Street.

    The stock prices are going up and down in triple digits…..appears it is taking more money from greedy gut fund to keep it appearing stable. If one looks inside, instability is becoming a daily concern. There is no growth except for a few pockets of prosperity, the overall market has little fuel to generate any solid growth.

    When CEOs step in to buy back company stock using their own money, that is great. Unfortunately, many, led by Apple, are buying back stock using borrowed money. That is a final stab to the stockholders who believe all the media hype around that stock. Many counties here in CA are buying Apple stock in the hopes it will grow in value to pay the pensioners in public pension funds. To gamble the retirement funds of school teachers in a desperate way to meet their current and future responsibilities is very dangerous indeed.

    Unfortunately, the entire US economy is on very shaky grounds, and such actions all over this nation continue to undermine the future of millions. Such poor stewardship ought never be allowed, but all the rules we had growing up have been kicked to the curb.

    It is no longer just the Enron and Worldcom corporations……….such fool gambling is practiced all over in the public and private sector. Nothing is being done to revise or change it. Pathetic.


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