UKIP voters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister


UKIP voters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister – poll (RT, Jan 23, 2015):

More than half of the UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) supporters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister, recent polls show. The results come as the British Ambassador to the UN pledged to eradicate anti-Semitism in the UK.

Only 48 percent of UKIP supporters intending to vote for the party in the next general election said they believed a Jewish leader would be as “acceptable” as any other potential candidate.

The polling, by Tim Bale, a politics professor at Queen Mary, University of London, was carried out as part of a study into the Labour Party under Ed Miliband’s leadership.

If Miliband is successful in next year’s general election, he will be the first Jewish prime minister since Benjamin Disraeli, who held office in 1868 and between 1874 and 1880.

Across the entire voter spectrum, it was revealed that 83 percent of the population said religion would not affect their voting preference.

The research further showed the results were slightly lower for individual parties. Some 73 percent of Liberal Democrats and 72 percent of Labour supporters found a Jewish PM acceptable. Conservatives polled at 65 percent.

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  1. RT has been dominated by the comparison of its news desk to a terrorist organisation like ISIS or Boko Haran in Nigeria by an unknown new Chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors, a man called Andrew Lack.

    Icke has made the connection….he’s a Rothschild Zionist puppet who must try to get the US thinking public off their drip feed of truth and Russian Propaganda which is opening their minds to the lies from the US msm as shown by the recent ratings.


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