Top 10 Things That ‘Will” (Or Will Not) Happen In 2015

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Source: Top Ten Things That will Happen in 2015

… we are offering a list of Top Ten Things To Come in the coming year.

1. Recovery will reach escape velocity and escape the economy altogether
2. All executive orders will be declared constitutional by executive order
3. Robert Kennedy Jr. will apologize for being white and male, blaming his parents
4. The New York Times will cut operating costs by replacing fact-checkers with rubber stamp
5. A Harvard professor will find evidence proving evidence proves nothing
6. City of San Francisco will be leveled because steep hills made it handicap inaccessible
7. Nobel-winning economists will admit bafflement that deficit keeps growing despite increased government spending
8. Last Baby Boomer will go kicking and screaming into his 60s; generation will be renamed ‘Crybaby Boomers’
9. Congress will stand up to Wall Street; bankers will take their seats
10. Sesame Street will sue Letter ‘S’ for monopolizing both plural and possessive nouns

1 thought on “Top 10 Things That ‘Will” (Or Will Not) Happen In 2015”

  1. The most likely is #2, all executive orders will be ordained legal by executive order. That makes total sense for a government that trains and arms groups of people to wage war against us in order to keep the greedy gut munitions salespeople happy.


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