1 thought on “Volatility Storms Back With A Vengeance In 950 Point Intraday Dow Swing”

  1. The jerks playing options out of the Chicago exchange are probably causing this. The market is so high rigged that the greedy guts in control finished the market down nearly unchanged.

    This was a way a few greedy guts made a lot of money, and when the VIX goes up beyond a certain level, they all start betting like wild men. I had a friend who got out of the market in 2001 before the crash. My family trust lost millions in 2001, and just when we thought we were out of the dark, the real estate bubble burst, so we lost it for good by then.

    The options game is deadly. My friend who had gotten out before the crash had a couple of hundred thousand to play with, so he got into the options game. His office had four or five screens, and he started at 4:30am every day. He made a lot of money before losing his shirt……….he let the creeps at CNBC gamble for him………..and it was the quickest loss I ever heard of……he lost everything but his home which he was smart enough to pay off…..but the upkeep and taxes were still there for him.

    They ought to outlaw this section of the stock market, it ruins not only the players, but the whole market, twisting the results beyond understanding.
    It requires little money to start, and therein lies the danger. Options bet on what the market will do, and the higher the VIX, the higher the chances for the market to go down…..and when the market goes down, it is good for them. Betting on what real people, or greedy guts will do should not be evaluated as part of the stock market.

    I did not watch the market today, only checked the closing. When the market goes down that much before being fixed by the FED or whoever, that can lead to huge losses if history has a place in such a corrupt system. I will believe it when I see it. Unless the market goes down a full thousand points, and closes there, I am not going to pay any attention. I have seen them add a thousand points (a trillion dollars) in three or four days…….


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