Zionist Mercenaries Behind Slaughter in Peshawar

Zionist Mercenaries Behind Slaughter in Peshawar (NODISINFO, Dec 22, 2014):

In Peshawar, Pakistan, terror attacks have taken the lives of hundreds of Pakistani people, leading to the wounding of countless others. In all such events truly innocent people were targeted via malicious plots. The purpose was and is to cause as much carnage as possible, and for those innocents who were slaughtered, maimed, and wounded, may God rest their souls and give them peace.

Yet another purpose is to cause mass slaughter and then lay blame, that blame, of course, being placed on the people of Islaam, whether deemed extremists, Taliban, or others. It is the means of Islamophobia which is to slaughter innocents by a plot and then lay the blame on those who had noting to do with it.

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