US Tanks Are Rolling Across Latvia (Video)

US Tanks Are Rolling Across Latvia (ZeroHedge, Dec 10, 2014):

Having grown used to images and clips of “Russian” tanks rolling through Ukraine, crossing borders, and generally creating havoc, we thought the following clip was of note. With NATO and Russia rattling sabres ever louder, the site of a trainful of American tanks passing through Latvia will, we are sure, do nothing to calm both sides.

As LiveLeak reports,

According to the representative of national armed forces of Latvia, till December 6 transportation of heavy military equipment of the first cavalry division of army of the USA from Adazhi and Estonia was carried out to Lithuania.

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As NATO builds its forces…


NATO before


NATO after

and “incidents” surge…


1 thought on “US Tanks Are Rolling Across Latvia (Video)”

  1. Meanwhile, the world markets continue their decline, especially the US….even with the rigged market, the dow dropped over 260 points, the S&P over 40……..Asian markets falling as well due to fools putting money into the so-called stable Japanese economy…………..regardless it isn’t.

    The US has to be stopped. It has become like a madman wrecking havoc on the world……and the only way to stop them short of bombing them, is to break their economy, and the dollar. Even OPEC has turned its back on the US.
    To bomb the US would be to play into their hands, they don’t care if a few thousand Americans on the west coast die, it would give them the excuse they want to attack Russia. But, unlike 911, it won’t work this time……the entire world has turned its back on the US politically, and now is looking carefully at ways to stop it.

    As an American I realize it has to be stopped. I no longer recognize our leaders, they are acting like mindless fools. The corrupt congress giving billions of our worthless money to greedy guts who do nothing to aid the building of the US economy or provide any jobs to the 100 million working age Americans who are unemployed. Because no other nation will loan the US any money, they print their own, and pass it out to their friends regardless it has the merit and value of monopoly game money…

    The game is up. This is insanity.
    This gives Germany the excuse to dump the dollar, and dump the dollar they will.
    Once that happens, the rest of the EU will follow, and the dollar will collapse.
    Nobody else honors the US dollar because the leadership is made up of sleaze crooks and madmen.
    It is all over.
    The fat lady is moving to the microphone.


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