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2 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. The nuclear disaster grows in the US. Why they stored nuclear waste in such a dry and hot area as NM is beyond misunderstanding…… is downright stupid. Now, some of the containers are exploding, spreading more of the poisons over this land, into the air, water and food supply.
    85 years since the splitting of the atom. Such knowledge used to be kept in the hands of the alchemists for good reason………….the average man (and some do come from places like Cal Tech, once a hangout for Einstein) cannot cope with such knowledge, and uses it unwisely.
    Now, we face our own extinction. I am fortunate that I face the final curtain due to other reasons……..or perhaps not, it is a rare cancer of the spine………and I see no hope.
    Even the good, wise young people I am fortunate to know……..I listen to their good ideas, and observe their remarkable maturity of spirit……..yet, I cannot tell them what I see. It is too dark.
    They know ignorance is growing instead of retreating, and that ignorance is the enemy of progress and wisdom……they will fight it, but I fear it is too late, too much damage has been done.
    Here is the link. The absurd assertion that a movie predicted it is beyond understanding……………………………..Robert Redford indeed……

  2. In the meantime, instead of facing the real problems, the US is busy MFG false ones. once again against Putin. Russia “now crumbling” due to lower oil prices, so must keep up it’s aggression against the Ukraine (US puppet government there?) to keep the people behind him. Russians are suffering…… if they don’t know how to do that……….lie after lie after lie. It is on CNBC website today, so will soon be on US media 24/7.

    Instead of addressing real problems, 33% unemployment with a jobs bill that Obama could enact with an executive order……..lets talk about race relations. What total shit!


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