CNN Just Outdid Itself: Banner Reads ‘Seal Who Claims He Killed OBAMA’ (VIDEO)

Over At CNN, Even America’s Seals Have Had It With “Obama”  (ZeroHedge, Nov 8, 2014):

After last week’s midterm elections, the revulsion against 6 years of failed Obama policies, if only for the economy not so much for the S&P500, was plain for all to see (and no, Friday’s seasonally adjusted jobs report “proving” just how well the economy is doing isn’t grounds for a recount). However, little did we know how far anger at Obama has spread, because just when we thought CNN couldn’t get any better… it did.

CNN seal who claims he killed obama under attack

According to the following CNN banner, it wasn’t Osama who is the topic of the latest “Who killed Whom” navy seal scandal. It was the president of the US.

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