George Carlin Doesn’t Vote (Video)

George Carlin: The American Dream (Video):



“You have to be asleep to believe it.”

A short excerpt from the video “Life Is Worth Losing” (2005).

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  1. I don’t either. The vote is a total joke, a sham of straw men and paid in corporate stooges. Just as Augustus did in the beginning of his monarchy, he kept the illusion of a Roman Republic going with false elections. He would pick the men he wanted (women had no place in political offices), then run several straw men against them for the same post. The straw men were ones who were unknown, not qualified and underfunded, so his people always won.

    Voting is for the suckers, Obama was proof of that to me. He spoke of so many things that were realities when I was young as a candidate, as soon as he took power, he kept all the Bush policies going, and set the Patriot Act, NSA spying and the end of habeas corpus into stone with NDAA.

    When the presidential candidate for the Green Party, Jill Stein, showed up at one of the false presidential “debates” that are not, she was arrested. The Green party is a fully, legally established political party, and the corporate media said not one word. She was the only candidate who wanted to serve this country, not corporations, she was a good candidate, and it is a loss to the nation she was denied her legally granted voice.

    Once I saw this, and the fake Candidate Obama reappeared as if by magic, I wrote the whole game off. Running a rotten candidate against him made many vote for Obama at the last minute… was as staged as any raffle.

    Vote? For what? Creepy corporate candidate one, or even worse corporate candidate two? I saw they have the gall to run another bush…….that is enough to make me vomit. If that awful clinton creature is run against him……it is just as bad. They provide no decent people to run, so why vote?

    The republic is dead, so is the US dollar and the entire economy. There is nothing left to vote for, only the deluded who watch and listen to US media think otherwise. I think the dollar will collapse within a year, and different candidates than a worthless bush or clinton will need to be run.

    The Pacific Ocean is dead, and many young animals are dying of old animal illness very early. Babies are being born with deformities…….it is all falling apart, and I see no future for the US. What happened to Ancient Rome will happen to the US, only much faster. When the dollar collapses (33% of the world remain using it), after the EU states start moving east with the money, it will all fall apart.

    We face problems we have never encountered, and all have been created by our own greed and folly. We used to worry about radioactive aftermaths of nuclear war……never dreamed it would come from a so-called peaceful source.

    As for voting, am I the only one to wonder why they have the results five minutes after the polls close in the west? It is all staged. What faces us now isn’t staged, it is the result of greed and corporate control. Japan is an excellent example of why corporations ought to never run nations…..their goals are opposite.


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