2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Traitor To The New World Order (Video)

  1. Nobody is going to stop Putin, friend Stanley, stop worrying. He is the closest to a Napoleon I have seen in my lifetime. Like Napoleon, he has found and developed a new type of warfare, highly developed financial networks…….totally new to the idiots we have that pass for leaders. 40 years from now, his work will be commonplace, all will use it, and it will no longer be revolutionary. Right now, it is, and nothing can overcome it because they haven’t figured out what has happened. I have a good idea, but I have been watching this develop since it started. After the total disregard for the world opinion after causing a world depression shown by our leaders, I was looking for a response.

    The web has already been scrubbed of Hugo Chavez’s part in this, but what gets me is why they were not aware of it if I was. I am just a historian of advanced age, with an interest in economics and propaganda. I knew there was going to be blow back, but this financial response is ingenious. Vlad took Chavez’s simple program for his 12 little nations, and turned it into a world economy. He wasted no time reinventing the wheel, he used much of what was already in existence, and built a sister economy to the west……leaving the west out.

    Economists and historians will teach his methods for the next 100 years. Not since Napoleon has warfare been changed so radically. Bombs are old school, they cost too much, the real benefits are financial…….and for all who play ball, there is much reward.

    You know humanity. What do you think they will choose?

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