The Closing Of HAARP Still Leaves Conspiracy Theorists Wondering And Modern Day Survivalists Prepping

Even if they really would shut down one HAARP facility there are still several other facilities like it placed all around the planet.

The Closing of HAARP Still Leaves Conspiracy Theorists Wondering and Modern Day Survivalists Prepping (OPPOSING VIEWS, Oct 5, 2014)

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  1. There is a much bigger reason for the cut backs……. the US is broke. US debt equals 100% of GDP. That means every dollar coming in is owed elsewhere.

    The US government, in spite of it’s endless quest for war, has been cost cutting for the last 12+ years. They have been eliminating jobs all over the country, and it only fits that HAARP would go with it. It is part of pork spending we used to enjoy when we were a rich country. The US is no longer rich, it has been gutted. Its status as world reserve currency has been undermined and nearly eliminated by Putin’s basket of currencies……

    The real WW3 was financial, it happened so smoothly, carefully, and quietly, that except for those watching closely, few in power knew of its existence. They were too greedy and short sighted to notice what a little organization called the South American Trade Alliance was doing in Spring of 2010, headed up by Hugo Chavez.

    There were twelve tiny nations as members, including Cuba. Chavez introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre. For the first time, member nations could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency, making need for any world reserve currency obsolete. Their entire GDP was around $500 million a year; it flew under US radar.

    Putin and China, watched this unfold carefully. Seeing its success, they followed suit in November 2010, setting up their own trade agreement, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. They set up a similar electronic currency to translate value.

    China went on to recruit much of the world….a world sick and tired of US corruption, bullying and outright stealing. Nothing had been done to stop, punish or fix the problems that had caused a global depression…..that continues to this day. Entire nations went bankrupt thanks to Wall Street, and to this day, not one greedy gut has paid for his crimes. The world started moving away from the US, its military attacks on countries that had done nothing to warrant it had changed it from world leader to rogue nation.

    China started with Turkey and Iran. They went on to recruit most emerging nations in Africa, Central and South America. After another round of sanctions on Iran, India and Japan joined. Obama gave Japan a pass……whatever that means……Australia and New Zealand dumped the dollar. The latest member of BRICS is Switzerland, a nation too intelligent to join the EU.

    In January of 2010, 100% of international trades were completed in US dollars. Today, it is down to 33%, and when some states in the EU break away and join Putin’s basket of currencies, BRICS, the dollar will collapse. We are talking months, not years, and I sure don’t look forward to it. It will starve many Americans who had nothing to do with it, just happened to live here. Hunger is already a problem, 20%+ of American citizens suffer from hunger at some poiny each month. The dollar is already losing value; food prices are rising rapidly. It isn’t inflation, it is loss of dollar value.

    A couple of years ago, Germany requested the US return half the gold they were holding for Germany since WW2. The US made excuses, lied, stalled,…..finally in disgust, Germany told them to forget it. That was the worst political blunder in modern US history. It proved what the world only suspected……the US is truly broke. It had been riding on its status as world reserve currency for years, and had been abusing it by printing nonstop for years. There are more dollars in circulation than the entire world GDP, and the US produces nothing…….everything has been outsourced.

    The nation has been completely gutted, no MFG, no R&D, nothing, even our vehicles are built elsewhere, along with weapons……..all to feed a few greedy guts at the cost of the US people and its economy. Jobs have been vanishing at the real rate of better than a million a month. The lies we are adding jobs are just that, lies.

    This is the reason, on top of all the others cited above, why nobody will war with the US. Nobody wants to join forces with a pauper… Obama, desperate for a war to appease his warmonger financial supporters, had the CIA create a new Al Kaida…….(or however you spell it, I don’t care enough to learn it) called ISIS…..easier to remember. The name itself told me it was US made. The first footage was identical to the ones done by OBL……so bad, it was obvious to even the biggest fools in the US, so they cleaned up the resolution a bit. The US is literally at war with itself back in Iraq…..

    Wars cost money, especially when none of the profits go into the public treasury. All nations in history from Ancient Rome to the present knew wars were to replenish the public treasury, not just feed greedy guts. But, not the US, and this is why we are sliding so quickly.

    The wars have cost us all. This is why HAARP, food stamps, road and bridges, schools, everything that isn’t war related have been cut to the bone. When the dollar collapses, the US won’t be able to afford a postage stamp. Running a country to please a few at the cost of everyone else cannot last. World reserve currency status kept this fool’s errand running this long. Now, regardless of what US propaganda says, a world reserve currency is no longer necessary in this cut throat economy of the 21st century.

    Japan joined BRICS two or three years ago. They have gone from a deflationary depression to hyper inflation in that period of time. The basket of currencies will render all protections, all economic balancing impotent.

    I am no economist, I had to settle for a BA degree, or I probably would have gone that route. Japan has been in deflation for 20+ years. Since joining Putin’s basket of currencies so they could continue to trade with Iran, they are facing changes they never considered when they joined.

    When a Japanese citizen go to buy a hamburger, it costs 70% more than it did a few months ago. Such a system without any balances or protections is very brutal, and I think we are on the precipice of a world depression beyond anything we have ever seen. If the US had honored their status as a financial leader and played straight with world reserve currency status, we would not be facing this now.

    Japan is in deep trouble because they allowed TEPCO to rule. TEPCO controls 96% of their power grid…..a great reason monopolies are fatal. The same in the US. Greedy gut corporations are the root of the entire problem, and now, we face our own extinction thanks to Japan, and financial ruin thanks to a few greedy guts in this country. All are corporations…….or greedy gut sociopaths who own corporations.


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