Putin Warns Of ‘Nuclear Power Consequences’ If Attempts To Blackmail Russia Don’t Stop

Vladimir Putin

Putin Warns Of “Nuclear Power Consequences” If Attempts To Blackmail Russia Don’t Stop (ZeroHedge, Oct 15, 2014):

Vladimir Putin slams President Obama for adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in his recent UN speech. From an interview with Serbia’s Politika newspaper, Bloomberg reports,

It’s futile for the U.S. and its allies to “blackmail” Russia over the Ukraine crisis, President Vladimir Putin said in a newspaper interview today.

Russia’s partners should remember the risks involved in disputes between nuclear powers, Putin said. He accused Barack Obama of adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.

“We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbia’s Politika newspaper on the eve of his visit to the Balkan nation today.

Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three “major threats facing humanity,” alongside the Ebola virus and Islamic State.

“Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile,” Putin said.

Attempts to pressure Russia with “unilateral and illegitimate restrictive measures” will impede efforts to settle the crisis, he said.

“How can we talk about de-escalation in Ukraine while the decisions on new sanctions are introduced almost simultaneously with the agreements on the peace process?” he said. “If the main goal is to isolate our country, it’s an absurd and illusory goal.”

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Opportune timing with markets weak for some nuclear sabre rattling…

5 thoughts on “Putin Warns Of ‘Nuclear Power Consequences’ If Attempts To Blackmail Russia Don’t Stop

  1. Putin is one of the most popular men on the globe, the US is the most despised.
    I thienk the US leaders need a new strategy.
    Putin has done nothing but work to rebuild Russia. He has managed to pay debt down, their debt level is now 33% of GDP, the US 100% of GDP. That means every cent the US makes goes to someplace else………the US has no money of it’s own.
    In common sense, it means the US is broke……..and all the lies and obfuscation, all the finger pointing………all leads back to the US leaders.
    The US ought to be doing what Putin is doing instead of their insane behavior of spending billions (they no longer have) on stupid wars and other destructive behavior.
    The US needs to find a new avenue……..we are over the cliff, and falling fast.

  2. As for nuclear consequences, one need look no farther than Fukushima, WA state, or NM, the US is being soaked in radioactive poisons. We are yet to have a straight story on what happened to the reactors in Japan this week, beyond the fact more radioactive poisons than ever are pouring into the once magnificent Pacific.

    For those of us on the west coast of the Americas, our fate is sealed. We will die very soon, the more intelligent by their own hand, the fools by cancers and other awful radioactive diseases for which there is no cure.

    Does anyone know if a person deeply and daily is bathed in radioactive poisons becomes radioactive as well? Do we become dangerous to be around as well? The radioactive sea animals that beach and die on our Pacific shores are avoided completely by the vulture birds who eat “road kill”, one of nature’s kind gifts to all. They won’t touch the sea creatures who are dead thanks to radioactive poisoning.

    A couple of years ago, hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica. Dogs, (not knowing any better) raced down to the beach and ate them, dying immediately.

    Instead of fish and beautiful sea shells, we now have barnacles and horrible deep sea creatures moving ashore to die……fish with teeth, and other prehistoric monsters……….life forms we never knew existed.

    Putin does not need to use nuclear threats, we have already done it to ourselves.

  3. Nuclear Power consequences? Is this exactly what he said?
    If so, he could well be referring to the nuclear power that fuels US, UK and Japanese lights and power, not nuclear war.
    What did he say exactly? Does anyone who reads this site read Russian?

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