Crude Crashing: Brent Is Most. Oversold. EVER

Crude Crashing: Brent Is Most. Oversold. EVER (ZeroHedge, Oct 14, 2014):

Yesterday we lamented the ridiculously oversold levels in West Texas Intermediate, which as BofA calculated, has hit “oversold” levels for only the third time in six years. We assumed that this could be the basis for a short-term rebound. We were wrong, because we clearly had no idea just how determined the Saudis are to crush Putin into the ground courtesy of plunging oil prices.

As of moments ago, WTI has tumbled nearly $4, some 5%, to just over $81…


… which just goes to show how idiotic any reliance on charts is in a centrally-planned world, in which commodities are nothing but political weapons. Bottom line: based on its weekly RSI chart, WTI has just hit the most oversold levels since Lehman.


But to our rather great dismay, what is gong on with Brent turned out to be far worse, and as the weekly RSI indicator shows the selloff in Brent is now the worst, well, ever!


In other news: Andrew Hall, our condolences.

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  1. The Saudis cannot crush Putin. Over the last few days, thanks to the Obama administration targeting his friends, inner circle and political allies, money is pouring into Russia by the billions. Old Obama always does it wrong………
    The Saudis are rich, but not richer than the financial coalition Putin has established.
    Corrupt leaders in power…….their own people despise them.

    The idea that falling oil prices will crush Putin is absurd. It hurts the Saudis more than Putin, it is their one export, Russia has many resources.

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