‘A Mad Max Event Is Possible’

In my opinion a Mad Max event is not possible, it is planned for us.

When the greatest financial/economic collapse in (known) world history will happen most people are woefully unprepared and will run out of food within a week.

The only thing they will have left are guns and ammo.

From the elitist’s depopulation perspective this may very well be the reason why TPTB haven’t tried taking away our guns.

–  What Happens When Government Collapses? (Armstrong Economics, Oct 10, 2014):


We are at a crossroads. The tree has been cut. Which way will it fall – authoritarian or democracy? We can make a difference.

Step one is understanding what is the problem. At least then we can address a solution with some reasonable game plan.

We have a great convergence coming. It is nothing to be afraid of and it is nothing we can ignore. Yes a Mad Max event is possible.

The average person depends upon government tremendously – even those not on welfare. There are pensions and Social Security that people really believe they are “entitled” to and thus these benefits will exist. What happens when they realize they do not?

Socialism has even changed the historic bounds of family. You had 4 to 6 kids for that was your retirement. The kids knew they had the responsibility of taking care of their parents. Today – that’s government’s job. Everything has been changed to depend upon government that never tells the truth and they will defend to the very last drop of your blood.

Marriages were ARRANGED! The age difference was typically 25% during the 19th century. To sell movies, Hollywood turned lust into love at first sight. They painted the image of happily-ever-after. I spoke with film makers and they all said people did not want to leave a movie feeling depressed. They glorified marriage and set unrealistic standards. Consequently, the age difference collapsed and the divorce rate rose to 60%+ because of unrealistic expectations.

Pensions began as the marriage contract. The man had to first establish himself and then propose. The Dowry was all about ensuring the wife would be secure – the pension. It was not about “love at first sight” yet according to things like Match.COM, 70% of people dating expect love-at-first-sight. So many people have the wrong expectation of marriage and are thus doomed from the start.

Even the Black family was stronger than the white family before welfare. When you paid women not to be married and to have children, you change the family structure. Socialism has significantly altered the behavior of every race all based upon expectations of government.

Free food changes behavior be it people or animals.

Being compassionate is to be human. To give a man a free fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and your feed him for a lifetime. Government adopted the first strategy to create dependency upon the political system.

They tell you do not feed the bears in Yellowstone National Park because they then look for free food and no longer hunt. Humans are no different.
What happens when government collapses and people are totally unprepared because they never thought government collapses?

1 thought on “‘A Mad Max Event Is Possible’

  1. What? I think the US is the farthest from socialism than any government on earth. If you want to see it, look at Sweden.

    Next week, I am interested to see what will happen. The FED is turning off the $80 billion a month for the markets, markets that have not been fixed one bit since 2007. Such insanity has never happened before.

    World reserve currency status is gone due to the behavior of the criminals in power. 67% of the world no longer uses the dollar to complete international transactions, down from everyone using it less than four years ago. Only 33% of the world still uses the dollar, and how much of that is the EU, I leave to the accountants.

    All I know is that next week will be huge, even for a rigged stock market. The EU and the US are buried in debt while the east makes money.

    When the EU dumps the dollar (it will be soon), it will collapse.

    I wonder when the FED will stop paying on the interest on the national debt…..the FED has been keeping it current. The FED is a private bank, and it appears to me, it is ready to cut its losses.

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