Texas Ebola family ordered into 21-day lockdown isolation or face arrest; told to give blood on command


Texas Ebola family ordered into 21-day lockdown isolation or face arrest; told to give blood on command (Natural News, Oct 2, 2014):

For the last few weeks, every time I’ve warned readers about the coming forced quarantines, isolation orders and government-mandated medical procedures that would be directed at American citizens, I was told that such claims were completely false and would never happen in America.

I guess Dallas isn’t part of America, then, because all this is happening right now in Dallas, Texas.

“The state of Texas and Dallas County health officials have ordered four close family members of a Dallas Ebola patient to stay home and not have visitors to prevent spreading the deadly disease,” the Dallas affiliate of CBS News reported today. [1] “If ignored, a violation could result in criminal charges.”

Not only is this one family being ordered into a 21-day self-quarantine, they are also being ordered to provide blood samples to Texas state authorities. “The family members must also be available to provide blood samples, agree to any testing by public health officials, and immediately report any symptoms to Dallas County Health and Human Services,” says CBS News.

In other words, what’s happening right now in Dallas, Texas — which I assume is still part of America — is precisely what I warned about: forced isolations, medical quarantines and forced medical interventions (blood draws).

What’s happening in Dallas will happen everywhere if the outbreak spreads

The important point in all this is that the very same tactics being used in Dallas to try to stop the spread of Ebola will of course be used everywhere else, too… but on a much larger scale.

When just one family is suspected of carrying Ebola, they can be easily monitored in a “volunteer home isolation” scenario. But what happens when it’s 100 families? 500? 1,000? At that point, there aren’t enough state or federal workers to keep an eye on these people, and the quarantine effort will almost certainly shift to forced relocation into quarantine camps.

Those camps will, of course, be called something nice-sounding like “Community Health Centers.” No one in government or media will call them camps, even though they are camps. The word “camp” brings up echoes of “concentration camps” and the government definitely wants to avoid that association.

If one particular town or city is hit especially hard with the virus, there is a likelihood of the entire town being quarantined. No one in, no one out. Everybody will be ordered to “shelter in place” in their own homes for at least 21 days while health workers wearing hazmat suits go door to door, identifying Ebola victims and “relocating” them to the “Community Health Centers.”

Don’t think it could happen? It’s exactly what already happened in Liberia. And it’s a mere extension of what’s already happening in Dallas right at this very moment.

Very few people have enough supplies to survive a 21-day quarantine

Now here’s where all this gets really disturbing: Most Americans have no ability whatsoever to survive for 21 days isolated in their own homes.

They lack the food and water to feed themselves and stay hydrated, for starters. Because of their lack of preparedness, they will have to depend on the government bringing them food in order to survive. Or, if they are more adventurous, they will make night raids on other people’s homes and loot them for food and supplies.

I ask you this simple question: If this scenario emerges, do you really want to depend on the government for emergency food rations? And what about your personal protection from looters?

It would be so much smarter to have, at minimum, a 21-day supply already stored in your own home so that you can feed yourself and your family during any extended crisis.

In this way, you also reduce your burden on government resources and allow them to share their emergency rations with someone else who may need them more.

How to get storable foods right now

Storing food for an extra three weeks is pretty easy to accomplish. You can simply go to your local grocery store — which for the moment is probably fully stocked — and buy extra food supplies that have some shelf life.

If you want more long-term storable foods, there are lots of storable food companies offering products all over the place, but I would caution you to avoid any foods made with chemical ingredients like artificial colors, TVP, autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed proteins, MSG and crazy-sounding chemical preservatives. (Most of the popular storable foods are loaded with toxic ingredients to give them very long shelf life.)

If you’re looking for storable superfoods, we’ve also got a few items available now at the Natural News Store:

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