Charting Obama’s Economic ‘Recovery’


Obama’s Economic Recovery In Pictures (STA Wealth Management, Oct 1, 2014):

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  1. It is all going downhill except the stock market which is being kept artificially high by the few greedy guts who control it.
    Between 1929-1933, the investor in the US stock market lost 90% of his holdings……
    Does anyone think it can’t happen again?
    Rising interest rates on ARM mortgages are ending that easy ride for the wannabe greedy guts, now they are firmly above 5% and the jumbos at 6%+.
    There were a lot of fools who went out and bought real estate “cheap” using ARM mortgages (at 1-2%) to ride it out. They have been waiting for quite a while for that “rebound to flip those houses!”……..and nothing has rebounded except interest rates.
    For every point an interest rate goes up, the payment goes up 13%. One person called me in a panic, a 2nd TD on a house went up from $1700-$4400 in one month. That is the second…….wonder what the first has done.
    They are the wannabe greedy guts, they are waiting for the revival………the stock market is like religion to them…….but, it is the next one to fall.
    As interest rates go up, less people can afford to buy homes, others to keep them, others to sell them. Nobody wins, and such a deal is bad news…..NOBODY.
    They have fixed nothing. They are back to subprime loans using mortgages, auto loans and credit card debt to bundle into packages to sell on Wall Street.
    But, if you look closely, over 85% of the market is made up of greedy gut skim and sell High Frequency transactions. A few people handling huge funds buy and sell large amounts of securities in less time than one can blink an eye. They are often given a heads up before the bell, so they know which way to play. It is illegal, and they do it anyway. But, the key word is sell.
    Nobody buys to keep, just to skim and sell. The market has less money in it at the end of each day, regardless of how they twist the numbers. Most big deals are M&A, mergers and acquisitions, guaranteed to cut more jobs and competition.
    85%+ are not really investing at all.
    That leaves 10- 15% that are real investors.
    It is beginning to look a lot like 1929…….at some point, the real values will come out. The market lost 90% between 1929-1933………this one will do about the same, and it will happen soon.
    The US is in deep trouble. The FED carries about 90% of the interest on the National Debt to keep it current. More on that in a moment.
    The US dollar was used to complete every international transaction in the world in January of 2010. Those of you who have read my posts before already know what I am going to say…….Hugo Chavez set up the system in Jan, 2010. He was head of the South American Trade Alliance, a tiny organization of 12 nations including Cuba. He introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre, and it allowed member nations to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. It was so small that it flew under US radar.
    Putin and China watched closely. In November of that same year, they set up their own agreement, with a very similar system. Both used their own currencies in trading with each other, leaving the dollar out.
    China went on to recruit Turkey and Iran. Iran has been accepting most currencies for years. They went on to recruit most emerging nations in Africa, South and Central America. India and Japan joined after another insane sanction on Iran.
    Over the next few years, they recruited over half the world, and Putin finally went public with his de-dollarization this Summer. I was surprised because he had been doing it since 2010, but he waited until he had most of the world in his corner.
    Next, they introduced BRICS and put up a pool of funds equal to E100 billion to make loans available to small countries who wanted to avoid US financial dominance.
    The latest country to join them was Switzerland.
    Today, the US dollar is used in 33% of nations, down 67% from January of 2010. The EU is keeping the dollar afloat, without it, the dollar will collapse.
    I say will, not if. Putin is playing like a true chess player….the purpose isn’t necessarily winning a war, the purpose is to win. That is what real chess players understand. The EU, to support Obama, is putting stupid sanctions on Russia. For every sanction, Putin hits back with one of his own…..he doesn’t need the EU to grow, the EU needs him.
    Playing stupid games around fuel is suicide……but that is what happens when groups of fools start running nations. Putin is an excellent example of why history is made by men, not gaggles of idiots.
    When the EU caves, the dollar will collapse. The market is already showing signs of fear…..but we will see. It is so crooked, only time will tell. But, the day will come, and this is October.
    Stock market players are amazingly superstitious.
    How I wish we had some like Putin on our side, but a man like him would never survive all the fools over here.

  2. The other point I meant to make before I hit the button too quickly is about the FED. The FED is a private bank, and I am beginning to wonder when they will decide it is time to cut their losses. They have been carrying the interest payments on the national debt for years… what point will they say enough?
    The dollar isn’t accepted in 67% of the world…….print and pay is beginning to be in America’s rear view mirror……as less people want the dollar at all. Already, they are sitting on piles of printed paper nobody wants. This is why the FED is so quickly cutting QE……..they were going to keep it going into 2016……….but………………

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