Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Drones (HBO)


The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama.
It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying.

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  1. I personally find it impossible to go to a comedian for the week’s news………it is indicative of a broken society, so deeply flawed, that I cannot laugh about it any longer. Bill Maher has become a shill for Obama, and the Comedy Channel isn’t the place I see as good news sources. Life is far too serious these days…..the time for laughing has passed.
    Obama is the ultimate revenge to all who hate us. He has destroyed all that was left of the constitution, (ironic a constitutional expert was the instrument of destruction of the American Republic) and the fools still love him.
    He has carried out all the bush policies to the letter, with a few of his own draconian laws thrown in. He is indeed as Lincoln would say, a Vandal from Within.
    I watch the rise of Putin and the east, and the fall of the west, and it is happening so fast. Why can we not have a Putin of our own? Instead, all fool leaders contribute to our destruction, none for our redemption. Perhaps it is too late for that, but someone who would even try would be refreshing.
    Putin is signing more financial agreements with other nations, making their entire system more flexible and rich. We have comedians, the modern version of the court jester. Who is the winner here?
    Now that you are back, I will see what I can send your way.

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