6 thoughts on “Record 40,816 Spam Comments In Just 4 Days

  1. Wow. I am glad you have a good spam filter. One of my email accounts was spammed, I just changed addresses…..it is insane. Don’t these creeps have anything better to do?

  2. I believe it is computerised trolling for marketing purposes, in the main.

    You know, marketing….that clever science which leads to such idiocies as ‘fashion victims’, and the need for an iPhone 6, when a 3 is adequate, and Pantene, as against carbolic soap, which is just as good.

    All for Global Corporate power, domination & profitability. Be it Global Pharma, Global Agri, Global GMO, Global Oil, Global Cosmetics, Global ‘Trainers’ Global Cars, we need to reject it..actively.

    • @squodgy,

      Yes, it is mainly computerised trolling for marketing purposes.

      I still haven’t deleted the spam comments and right now we’re at 47,787.

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