Back Door War With Syria Using ISIS/ISIL – Zionist Terrorism

H/t reader squodgy.


TUT Broadcast Sept 17, 2014 (The Ugly Truth):

Pt. I–Back door war with Syria using ISIS/ISIL as the pretext, the real goal being the dismemberment of the building anti-Zionist coalition building between countries such as Syria, Iran, Russia and Latin America

Pt. II–reading of the recent essay Zionist Terrorism, from the book of Genesis to modern day Gaza and beyond–None dare call it Judaism.

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2 thoughts on “Back Door War With Syria Using ISIS/ISIL – Zionist Terrorism

  1. The deviousness of the jew knows no bounds. They want Russia & Iran for retribution and they have infiltrated all western political parties to twist them into supporting their aim.

    Before doing this, they conveniently convinced the world that to criticise Jews or question them & their obvious lies, was heresy.

    So clever, and the unthinking morons simply obey like the zombies they are.

    • Amazing what 15 million Jews can accomplish. Doesn’t say much for the other 7.5 billion non-Jews on earth. Squodgy, you’re one of the latter.

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