Summarizing President Obama’s Speech: We’ll Be Bombing A Sovereign Nation (Syria). We’ll Be Arming Terrorist Groups While Fighting Them. The US Economy Is Great.


Summarizing The President’s Speech (ZeroHedge, Sep 10. 2014):

Update: Senator McCain blasts Jay Carney – “you don’t have the facts” and President Obama “he doesn’t understand the situation” in this post-speech CNN interview… well worth the price of admission…

In 15 minutes, President Obama laid out his 4-pronged strategy to defat and dismantle ISIS/ISIL/The Islamic State/’The Bad Guys’…

2179 words…


We suspect this tweet sums it perfectly…

But here is The White House’s official statement of strategy…

FACT SHEET: Strategy to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) poses a clear threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, and to the broader Middle East, as well as U.S. persons, allies and interests in the region.  Left unchecked, ISIL could pose a growing threat beyond the region, including to the U.S. homeland. 

The United States is meeting this threat with strength and resolve. In recent weeks, we have increased intelligence resources devoted to the threat and sent U.S. personnel to assess the situation on the ground.  We have responded with immediate action to protect Americans in Iraq and to prevent large-scale humanitarian catastrophes, including by conducting over 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq.  These strikes have kept our personnel and facilities in Baghdad and Erbil safe, killed ISIL fighters, destroyed ISIL equipment, protected Iraqi critical infrastructure, and broken ISIL sieges against an Iraqi city and civilians trapped on a mountain.  Along with dozens of international partners, we have provided material support for Iraqi forces to support their fight against ISIL.  Our strikes and resupply efforts have enabled Iraqi forces to take the fight to ISIL on the ground, reclaim key territory, and saved thousands of innocent lives.

Our goal is clear: to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy so that it’s no longer a threat to Iraq, the region, the United States, and our partners.  To achieve this goal, our strategy will be underpinned by a strong coalition of regional and international partners who are willing to commit resources and will to this long-term endeavor. Dozens of countries are already contributing in Iraq – from military to humanitarian support – and in coming days and weeks we will work to strengthen and expand that coalition.

In concert with our coalition partners, the United States will carry out a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIL and deny them safe-haven. That strategy harnesses all elements of national power and features the following core elements:

Supporting Effective Governance in Iraq: We have made clear that additional U.S. action depended on Iraq forming an inclusive government, because only a united Iraq — with a government in Baghdad that has support from all of Iraq’s communities — can defeat ISIL. A new Iraqi government was formally sworn in on September 8 and we will support it in efforts to govern inclusively and to take significant, concrete steps to address the legitimate grievances and needs of all Iraqis.

Denying ISIL Safe-Haven: The Iraqi Government is taking the fight to ISIL, and will ultimately be the one to defeat it in Iraq. But our Iraqi and regional partners need our support and unique capabilities to blunt ISIL’s advance.  The President announced that we will conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes against these terrorists. Working with the Iraqi government, we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions so that we’re hitting ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense. The President also made clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are. The President will not hesitate to take direct military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria and in Iraq.  We will degrade ISIL’s leadership, logistical and operational capability, and deny it sanctuary and resources to plan, prepare and execute attacks. Simply put, ISIL will find no safe-haven.

Building Partner Capacity: We will build the capability and capacity of our partners in the region to sustain an effective long-term campaign against ISIL. The President announced that he will send an additional 475 U.S. service members to Iraq to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment. In addition to providing weapons, ammunition and equipment, U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) will train and advise Iraqi forces, including Kurdish forces, improving their ability to plan, lead and conduct operations against ISIL. Further, the new Iraqi government has asked for help forming National Guard units that would be recruited locally and be responsible for protecting their own communities and securing areas freed from ISIL’s control – a step that, along with long overdue political reforms, can drive a wedge between ISIL and Sunnis who have been alienated by their central government.

The President is also calling on Congress to provide additional authorities and resources to train and equip Syrian opposition fighters in the Continuing Resolution they are debating this work period, so they can defend themselves and their neighborhoods against ISIL incursions and ultimately push back on ISIL forces and the Assad regime. We will strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like ISIL, while pursuing the political solution necessary to solve Syria’s crisis once and for all.

The growing and evolving nature of the ISIL threat underscores the importance of the Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund (CTPF).  The CTPF request for $5 billion would allow us to train, build capacity, and facilitate support for partner countries on the front lines of countering shared terrorist threats, both in the region and beyond.  The CTPF includes $500 million for a Department of Defense program to train and equip the Syrian opposition as described above and $1 billion to build resiliency in the states neighboring Syria to ensure they can continue to counter threats to their internal stability and to support communities that are contending with refugees.

Enhancing Intelligence Collection on ISIL:  Continuing to gain more fidelity on ISIL’s capabilities, plans, and intentions is central to our strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy the group.  Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance flights and other important efforts will strengthen our ability to understand this threat, as well as to share vital information with our Iraqi and other regional partners to enable them to effectively counter ISIL.

Disrupting ISIL’s Finances:  ISIL’s expansion over the past year has given it access to significant and diverse sources of funding.  The U.N. Security Council resolution that passed unanimously in August demonstrated the broad international consensus to disrupt ISIL’s finances.   We are already working aggressively with our partners on a coordinated approach that includes:  reducing ISIL’s revenue from oil and assets it has plundered; limiting ISIL’s ability to extort local populations; stemming ISIL’s gains from kidnapping for ransom; and disrupting the flow of external donations to the group.  Our domestic laws also provide additional tools in this effort, enabling us to sanction or prosecute those who fund ISIL’s activities.

Exposing ISIL’s True Nature: Clerics around the world have spoken up in recent weeks to highlight ISIL’s hypocrisy, condemning the group’s barbarity and criticizing its self- proclaimed “caliphate.” We will work with our partners throughout the Muslim world to highlight ISIL’s hypocrisy and counter its false claim to be acting in the name of religion.

Disrupting the Flow of Foreign Fighters:  Foreign terrorist fighters are ISIL’s lifeblood, and a global security threat—with citizens of nearly 80 countries filling its ranks.  Over 100 foreign fighters from the United States have traveled or attempted to travel to the conflict.  On September 24, the United States will convene an historic Summit-level meeting of the UN Security Council, focused on this issue.

Protecting the Homeland: We will continue to use the criminal justice system as a critical tool in our counterterrorism toolbox.  Federal criminal laws provide a sound basis to prosecute those who provide material support to ISIL or who conspire with ISIL to plot attacks at home or abroad.   With respect to aviation security, we will work with air carriers to implement responsible threat-based security and screening requirements, and provide additional screening to individuals suspected of affiliation with ISIL.  Finally, we will counter violent extremism here at home, including tailored domestic programs to prevent violent extremism and radicalization in order to intervene with at-risk individuals before they become radicalized toward violence and decide to travel abroad to Syria and Iraq to join ISIL.

Humanitarian Support:  We and our partners will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced and vulnerable in Iraq and Syria. We will also continue to work with host governments to mitigate the humanitarian and economic effects of the conflict in neighboring countries, recognizing that the refugee crisis calls on our common humanity and presents a significant challenge to regional stability.  As ISIL seeks to destroy the diversity of the territories it terrorizes, we will continue to work to help prevent mass atrocities, particularly against vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities.

*  *  *

And NBC’s Richard Engel destroys the President’s speech line by line…


*  *  *

But apart from that – grest plan!!!

*  *  *

Nothing changes – on this day in 1957 – NYTimes reports US plans to arm Jordan afainst Syria


*  *  *


President Obama laid out a strong, comprehensive strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL, and the United States military is prepared to carry out its responsibilities in this counter-terrorism campaign. The men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces are ready to carry out the orders of our Commander-in-Chief, to work with our partners across government, and to work with our friends and allies around the world to accomplish this mission. As the President made clear, American military power cannot alone eradicate the threats posed by ISIL to the United States, our allies, and our friends and partners in the region. Iraq’s continued political progress toward a more inclusive government will be critical, as will our coalition’s use of all instruments of power — military, law enforcement, economic, diplomatic, intelligence, and humanitarian assistance — in coordination with countries in the region.

*  *  *

Oh and America’s economy is awesome…

Our technology companies and universities are unmatched.  Our manufacturing and auto industries are thriving.  Energy independence is closer than it’s been in decades.  For all the work that remains, our businesses are in the longest uninterrupted stretch of job creation in our history.  Despite all the divisions and discord within our democracy, I see the grit and determination and common goodness of the American people every single day, and that makes me more confident than ever about our country’s future.

* * *

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7 thoughts on “Summarizing President Obama’s Speech: We’ll Be Bombing A Sovereign Nation (Syria). We’ll Be Arming Terrorist Groups While Fighting Them. The US Economy Is Great.”

  1. I suggest anyone who has not seen the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” do so. This clown is every bit as rotten as bush was, he serves some very evil people, not the US citizens.
    If he bombs Syria, Putin has made it clear, he will strike back.
    If I were 20, I would move. This is beyond belief.
    What evil people have control, and the US citizens have no say. Speak out and vanish………….

  2. So Iraq is now our partner? What a flip flop turn of events that is!!! Looks like we are going to Syria after all! Does this not seem the slightest bit fishy to anyone? Is anyone awake out there or has the dumb housewives of whatever killed your last brain cell?!
    The plan haven’t changed only the catalyst has!
    Just like the plans to take our freedom using 9/11 as the catalyst. Looks like they need to remind us how fearsome it was by having a other freedom eroding false flag event. FYI the military had plans to use planes to draw us into wars back in the 60’s & 70’s…….. Just saying sheeple that sometimes you have to question our leaders and stop drinking the cool aid. …

  3. If he hits Syria, he will force Putin to strike back.
    If he does, it will be the west coast…….we are already getting the first doses from Fukushima, the Pacific is dead…….perhaps the greedy guts don’t care…….but, a few here might, and other who have loved ones here might object.
    What has happened to this country? I don’t know it any longer.

  4. I was talking with a friend today, a military historian. I pointed out that the dollar is used by 33% of the world….down from 100% less than four years ago.

    He said that really pushes the US to the wall. He said beware a country that has been pushed to the wall, they can do crazy things……..

  5. The more I try to find some truth, the more worried I get.
    Is this man crazy, a total puppet for greedy guts……..WTF is going on?
    Who does he think he is fooling?
    He makes Jimmy Carter look efficient…….what an ass!!!!!
    Carter, to his credit, didn’t start greedy gut enriching wars, he was just a bumbler…….this guy is sold out to greedy gut corporations.
    I recently learned he was appointed editor of the Harvard Review……the only person to receive such an award without submitting a single paper for publication……..
    Similar to “present” years later when he got into congress.
    We have a Manchurian candidate in the White House, he was planned and planted 20+ years ago, and Americans, desperate for a return to better days, allowed themselves to be snookered…………then, to assure his re-election, they put that creepy Mormon up against him………and had Carter’s grandson leak his comments at a fat cat fundraising dinner………..that assured millions who despised Obama would re-elect him……..and it worked.
    We did have one decent candidate, Jill Stein, of the Green Party. When she showed up at the second presidential debate, she was arrested.
    So much for an open republic.


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