WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition

WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition (ZeroHedge, Aug 26, 2014):

When President Obama bragged earlier that “The United States is and will remain the one indispensable nation in the world…” adding that “no other nation can do what we do,” we should have guessed some more war-mongering was coming… and sure enough. As AP reports, it appears Syrian airstrikes are on their way.. but there’s a mind-blowing twist in US foreign policy: “In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets.” In the words of the Guinness commercial, Brilliant…

As AP reports,

The intelligence gathered by U.S. military surveillance flights over Syria could support a broad bombing campaign against the Islamic State militant group, but current and former U.S. officials differ on whether air power would significantly degrade what some have called a “terrorist army.”

Air power needs to be applied like a thunderstorm, not a drizzle,” Deptula said, entailing “24-7 overwatch with force application on every move of ISIL personnel.”

Further complicating the plans, any military action against Islamic State militants in Syria would also have the effect of putting the U.S. on the same side as Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose ouster the Obama administration has sought for years.

So first Iran and now Syria are best buddies with America?  Well we can’t have that…

The U.S. is not cooperating or sharing intelligence with the Assad government, Pentagon and State Department spokesmen said. But the U.S. flights are occurring in eastern Syria, away from most of Syria’s air defenses. And experts expressed doubt that Syria would attempt to shoot down American aircraft that are paving the way for a possible bombing campaign against Assad’s enemies.

In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets. However, that option is largely unappealing to the president given that it could open the U.S. to the kind of long-term commitment to Syria’s stability that Obama has sought to avoid.

*  *  *

So to summarize

…the limited airstrikes in Iraq (which the Iraqi government did not ask for) now appear to be expanding into ’24/7 carpet-bombing’ of ISIS targets in Syria (which the US are not asking permission or forgiveness for) and in the interests of “fairness doctrine” America will bomb al-Assad’s military installations to maintain some ‘balance’ between the moderate terrorists, extreme terrorists (and national armies), and scary-as-shit terrorists…

Is there something we missed?

*  *  *

White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Monday tried to tamp down the notion that action against the Islamic State group could bolster Assad, saying, “We’re not interested in trying to help the Assad regime.” However, he acknowledged that “there are a lot of cross pressures here.”

“Cross-pressures” indeed… you’re in it now mate…

3 thoughts on “WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition

  1. They were warned by Putin last year. He said if the US hits Syria, he will hit back. He isn’t a man who says what he doesn’t mean.

    This is a back assed plot to get Putin to hit back to start a full scale world war. Putin can easily hit the west coast. If he does, he saves many from dying of radioactive poisons…….we are doomed anyway. If he hits us in the northern part, I hope it is quick.
    The way I see it, we face our own extinction…..even Russia must know it. China is less than 90 miles from Fukushima as the crow flies……Russia is on the other side, protected only by China’s great size.
    If I were young and healthy, I would seek to go to the area of the UK. Since I am not, it doesn’t matter to me.
    Obama has proved himself to be a total ass, and if the US leaders think the rest of the world will get behind the US if it is hit…….they better look again. They loved the US when it was useful to them… is no longer useful, just aggressive and obnoxious.

  2. As for lower interest rates, they are only for banks, not real people. I got a call from a person I know with many ARMs on her multiple properties…..all underwater, of course. Her mortgage payment just tripled from $1700 a month. Interest rates for homes are over 5% and climbing. The financial channels are hawking that higher interest rates are GOOD…..
    I have seen this before. Except, few can afford homes, their prices are so far in excess of anyone’s income…….the housing market is ready to crash again. In economics, there is a basic rule that over rides all theories, the Propensity to Consume or Not Consume. You make Beer cheap, and lots will buy it, make it too expensive, people stop.
    Same is true with every aspect of the economy, including homes. Now, interest rates are going up sharply on homes, up 300% this year, and less are able to consume…..the market will crash when no buyers make it work. Greedy guts can only do so much before it all goes south….

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