Northern Ireland: Coldest August Night On Record!

Ireland – Coldest August night on record (Ice Age Now, Aug 25, 2014):

Breaks record for the entire month of August.

A new record for the coldest August night was set on the night of 23rd/24th August for Northern Ireland.

The Met Office said temperatures plunged to a bone-chilling -1.9C (28.6F) at Katesbridge, Co Down, beating the previous record of -1.1C at Loughermore Forest in 1964.

Note: This wasn’t just the coldest in Katesbridge, it was the coldest on record across all of Northern Ireland.;storyid=6108;sess=

3 thoughts on “Northern Ireland: Coldest August Night On Record!”

  1. Sure wish we had it here in the western US. Hotter than hell every damn day. How I have grown to hate sunshine…endless fucking sunshine. No winters, no autumns…..endless hot miserable days.

  2. Oh dear.

    It’s part of our history to ‘suffer’ the seasons. It’s great.

    At the moment it’s just like New England, except it’s Olde England.

    I believe the California/Oregon problem is man made manipulation.

    Are they still spraying chemtrails like Dane Wigington claims?


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