Fukushima … We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell


We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell (Washington’s Blog, Aug 14, 2014):

Preface: we’ve written thousands of articles on Fukushima and radiation. But this post will spotlight recent articles from EneNews … with which we have no affiliation of any nature whatsoever.

The American media hasn’t covered Fukushima for a long time. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any news. It just means that the  U.S. and Japanese governments have worked hard to cover it up.

Here’s a roundup of recent news (links to EneNews; click through to see original source material … that’s how the web WORKS):


Coincidental Wildlife Death and Injury?

Impacts On Human Health?

3 thoughts on “Fukushima … We’ve Opened the Gates of Hell

  1. Thank you. Your site was the first to cover this ongoing disaster in any depth. A beam of light in a darkened world. The corporate owners of the US media could care less if we all die, until they realize with us all dead, they will have no market……even more, the fools that work for them will also die.

    I never thought people could be so full of denial about their own destruction. Perhaps that is why civilizations have vanished without a trace…..nobody faced it in time.

    Thank you, I will send this link to others.

  2. Again, they have opened the gates of hell. Death through radioactive poisons cook people from the inside out…….a terrible death..

  3. I really wish others would post, too.
    Just found this article, goddamn radiation is killing CA horses……dreadful, we will have to shoot them…….yet nothing is said.
    Horses are usually owned by wealthy people. Maybe they can help get the word out, but it is already too late……


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