This is How Russian Activists Wish Obama Happy Birthday (Video)

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Russians Mock Obama With Racist Laser Projection On Former U.S. Embassy In Moscow (Hufington Post, Aug 6, 2014)

Video of the Day – This is How Russian Activists Wish Obama Happy Birthday (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Aug 7, 2014):

This is what activists created using lasers on the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

No further comment necessary.

*Actually further comment has proved necessary since some people are so politically correct they can’t distinguish between me posting something and me endorsing it.

This laser show certainly seems to have racist undertones. I am not endorsing the video, I’m highlighting the fact that it happened. While this should be clear, apparently this distinction escaped some people.

2 thoughts on “This is How Russian Activists Wish Obama Happy Birthday (Video)”

  1. The world’s already gone mad with PC.

    Check out Brian Gerrish and “Common Purpose”. It’s not unique to UK. They’re teaching our kids to think their way and re-educating them by low level mind control through converts totally re-programmed!

  2. Before the PC cult, it was common to see trained chimpanzees do tricks for a banana.
    B.S. aka Barack Obama, is quite undeniably an obedient puppet for his paymasters. Whether he is a Manchurian Candidate remains to be proven.

    Personally I find this analogy non racist, and in the context of a circus trick, quite appropriate.


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