Eighteenth Donation In 2014!


Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated $ 100.

Thank you for your continuing and outstanding support!

You have already donated so much.

Somehow it is not so easy for me to accept such generosity.

Thank you.

Wudang Taiyi Qigong (??????) – Master Yuan Xiu Gang (???)

3 thoughts on “Eighteenth Donation In 2014!”

  1. You are welcome.
    Your frustration was infectious, as is your enthusiasm and drive & wisdom.
    I am fortunate in that currently I can afford it and choose to.
    Who knows!
    You have deservedly acquired a hard core of followers, who have shown their loyalty.
    Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back for once.

    PS Wang Xiu Gang is a novice. I do it every morning and night….after a skinful of course!

    • @squodgy,

      Just wanted to show the others part of your morning and night routine.

      Then, after holding this position for about 20 minutes …

      Master Yuan

      … you are usually seen sprinting up those stairs …


      … and after 3 hours of deep meditation …


      … you are finally beginning to teach your students.

      Here is one of your students from your beginners’ class, …

      … trying – clearly visible – to emulate his Sifu!!!

  2. Thanks squodgy, you da man!

    We have seen a lot of people in love with the truth.

    Thank you Infinite Unknown, great stuff as usual.


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