500% Rise In Spain’s Long-Term Unemployment

–  500% Rise in Spain’s Long-Term Unemployment (ZeroHedge, May 30, 2014):

With yields at record lows and stocks soaring, is it any wonder that the politicians of Europe’s periphery are proclaiming victory over the crisis (and yet oddly imploring Draghi to do moar?). Perhaps, just perhaps, they are keeping one eye on the ‘real’ economic progress that is being made (or un-made) in their nations… such as Spain, where there are now 1.26 million people who have been jobless since 2010 and the long-term unemployment rate has risen by more than 500% since 2007.

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  1. I don’t know how they find these numbers. Perhaps it is from the fact jobs are vanishing for good in Spain, as in America…..that is the fate of dying nations. Spain, like the US, has no money coming in, and they are dying as a nation….they have nothing anyone wants.

    The US continues to bleed jobs at better than a million a month. Over 100 million working age Americans are without work, and many have been out of work for years. Were it not for disability, and what is left of our social protection network set into place during and after the Great Depression, it would be far worse. The US was plundered, and there is nothing left anybody wants. Poverty grows, hunger and want expands, and hope is gone.
    Add in the poisons coming daily from Japan……things don’t look too good for the US. As for Spain, I don’t know.

    I read that military suicides are at 22 a day. I wonder how many folks who are living on the edge of life…..one step from homelessness, those who actually go hungry each month……in the millions……….I wonder how many commit suicide each day. Spain is a Catholic country, I don’t know what the suicide rate is as Catholics still insist suicide is a sin.

    Here in CA, we face a dreadful death if we haven’t the courage to end our own lives…….radioactive poisons from Japan……
    We have hit a period of human destruction such as we have not seen since the Middle Ages. Then, it was the Black death, now, it is radioactive poisons from Japan……both equally dreadful, the black death far quicker.
    My father was born in 1909. He remembered the Spanish Flu. Carts would come by every hour, and a man would call out “bring out your dead”. Folks would bring out their dead, and the bodies were taken to mass graves at the end of town.
    Now, that town is under water, it is part of North Dakota that is no more……under a huge, expanding lake called Monster lake……
    We are not doing well as a species, and I see no hope for Spain or the US…


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