Fukushima Local Newspaper ‘Nosebleed In Fukushima Prefecture Has Nothing To Do With Radiation’

Maybe he should put some of the ‘black dust’ up his nose …

… and wait …

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Fukushima local newspaper “Nosebleed in Fukushima prefecture has nothing to do with radiation” (Fukushima Diary, May 5, 2014):

One of the major Fukushima newspapers reported that Fukushima citizens cannot have nosebleed due to the radioactive contamination.

It was “Fukushima Minpo”. They referred to Professor. Takamura from Nagasaki University (The picture above).

In the contributed article, Takamura commented that people can have unstoppable nosebleed when exposed to over 500 mGy (=500 mSv) at once, however Fukushima citizens haven’t had such exposure dose since 311.

He concluded, “It cannot be related to radiation exposure that Fukushima citizens have nosebleed. There are variety of reasons to have nosebleed.”.


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