Meanwhile In China, Bayonets At The Ready

When the SHTF China (especially its big cities) will be a terrible place to be.

Meanwhile In China, Bayonets At The Ready (ZeroHedge, April 28, 2014):

It was only a week ago when we reported that the Chinese Police, for the first time in over 60 years of “pacifism”, has resumed arming itself as more than 1,000 street-patrol officers began carrying 9mm revolvers. “Shanghai officers, according to the city police bureau, will increasingly be equipped “to respond to all violence and terror” with a revolver using real and rubber bullets.  It said officers are getting training in the largest cities in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan, where Kunming is the capital.”

However, perhaps nowehere is it clearer just how nervous the Chinese authorities are getting about the restless natives than in the following series of photos posted moments ago on Sina, showing security forces in China’s Urumqi province learning how to use… bayonets?

bayonet 1_0

bayonet 2_0

bayonet 3_0

bayonet 4_0

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile In China, Bayonets At The Ready”

  1. China has over 100 riots a day over job shortages, and the falling value of the Yuan. Like the US, they have been printing nonstop for years, and the value of the currency is dropping like a stone. They don’t allow any riots shown on TV, or do they publish any truth about their economy. They lie about everything, they based too much of their future on exports, which are sagging and dropping off radically. They are in deep trouble, they base their GDP on what they build, not what they sell……their debt level is 5-12X their real intake……..they are in deep trouble.
    A hungry population is bad news for the leaders, and that is what is going on there.
    None of this surprises me.
    They have united with Russia because Russia is the only nation playing for long term benefits.


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