Russia’s Ambassador To The UN: US Behind Ukraine Crisis After Investing $5 BILLION In ‘Regime Change’

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Russia's Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin
Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin (AFP Photo / Don Emmert)

Churkin: US behind Ukraine crisis after investing $5bn in ‘regime change’ (RT, April 23, 2014):

The US is to blame for the events in Ukraine as it invested $5 billion in regime change in the country, taking a more radical stance that its EU allies, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s envoy to the UN, said.

“It seems it was the Americans, who tried to push through the most radical scenario,” Churkin said in an interview with Rossiya 24 channel. “They didn’t want any sort of compromise between [ousted President Viktor] Yanukovich and the opposition. And, I think, they came to the conclusion that it was time to cash in those $5 billion and handle the matter towards abrupt regime change, which, eventually, happened.”

This explains why the US, but not the European Union, took center stage when the coup resulted in legal vacuum in Kiev, he added.

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland told CNN on Monday that Washington has invested around $5 billion into supporting democracy in Ukraine since the fall of Soviet Union.

But Churkin has doubts about Nuland’s claims, saying that “any sane person would, at least, say that those investments didn’t pay off.”

“If those $5 billion were spent on support of democracy, but not overthrow of the existing government and regime change, then no democracy has triumphed there [in Ukraine],” he explained.

‘Washington’s money, radical approach led to a completely unexpected result’

The Maidan standoff was “a head-on attack” by the US and its Western allies aimed at distancing Russia and Ukraine from each other, Russia’s envoy to the UN said.

However, it failed and “led to a completely unexpected result for them when Crimea was reunited with Russia,” he stressed.

“One has to be naïve to suggest that it all happened fast,” Churkin said of the deal on the de-escalation of the Ukraine crisis, which Kiev agreed with Russia, the US and EU on April 17.

But at the same time, he stressed that consultations between Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart John Kerry “weren’t in vain” as the agreement “provided good basis for further growth.”

“Despite all their recurrent adventurism, they [the US] realize that peace is rather fragile and too many crises, too much unrest has been created in different parts of the world. I don’t think they’re interested in the emergence of a new serious crisis, with non-obvious consequences for them,” the envoy said.

According to Churkin, one of those steps should be the confiscation of 3 million items of weapons, which are currently illegally held by the “radical nationalists” in Ukraine.

Kiev calls for the disarmament of federalization supporters in eastern Ukraine, but “how will the radicals [from Western Ukraine] lay down their arms as they are sometimes declared the National Guard and thus obtain official status?” he wondered.

The envoy has ruled out the possibility of a UN peacekeeping operation in Ukraine, calling it “unrealistic.”

“Ukraine is a very big country and from political point of view there’s no frontline there. And, thank God, it can’t be drawn,” he said.

The presence of observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) “is just enough to monitor what’s happening there,” Churkin stressed.

The envoy also said the EU has begun realizing there’s “a considerable danger” in the rise of far-right forces in Ukraine.

“It’s not a secret that Europe has radicals of its own. Giving such a boost to the nationalist radicalism in Europe… I think that serious politicians understand this,” he said.

But those concerns are only shared during personal contacts, but “nobody talks openly about it,” he added.

Ukraine has been in turmoil since democratically elected president Yanukovich was removed from power via a coup powered by far-right radicals.

The community is split into two parts as the majority of the Russian speaking population refuses to accept the new authority in Kiev.

In March, the Republic of Crimea held a referendum to part ways with Ukraine and re-join Russia, of which it was part prior to 1954.

The move inspired a push for independence in other regions of Ukraine, with activists seizing government buildings in Donetsk and other south-eastern regions.

Despite Kiev’s military operation against the protesters turning into a flop, the situation remains tense in Ukraine, with armed radicals arriving in the country’s east to cause provocations.

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  1. It isn’t going to work this time. We have total idiots in power, and they are desperately striving to keep the game going that is already lost.
    Putin ran the KGB for 20 years……..he has China and much of the world behind him because he is now viewed with respect…..unlike the goons from the rogue US.
    Going against Russia will finish off the US as a world power……from here on out, it is just a lone, rogue nation with no allies, no trust, no credibility, and no money.
    Today, despite the terrible real estate returns, the market maintained without a ripple. That tells me everyone is playing it short……betting it will fall, and making money out of it. Also, the market is rigged, but, now, all monies move out……nothing is coming in.
    The US is finished. The only ones who don’t know it are the fools who think propaganda can run the show. Propaganda (something I studied and specialized in as a history student in college) is only a support system to a fascist regime. By itself, it isn’t enough.

  2. FCC now endeavoring to close down the Internet to those of us without deep pockets…… open Internet will be no more. The fools underestimate our engineers who are currently working on alternative systems…….
    This is the act of desperate people. When the government shuts down the voices of the people, it is afraid. Once it shows such fear, it will generate alternatives…..God bless our engineers.
    They love stuff like this, getting around it is a challenge, and usually remarkably easy. Remember, we have fools in power, and bigger fools serving them.

  3. This is sooooo obama. Never met an insurgent he did not give free weapons to, and borrow money to get them at our expense. How about him firing 200 generals to help HIS military? What a hater of America those Dems put in this time!


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