Another Escalation: US Freezes Diplomatic Relations With Syria, Orders Non-US Personnel To Leave Country

Another Escalation: US Freezes Diplomatic Relations With Syria, Orders Non-US Personnel To Leave Country (ZeroHedge, March 18, 2014):

Putin 2 – Obama 0, which means it is time to go back to the one place where it all started last year, and where Putin had his most resounding victory over the US foreign policy apparatus (at least until the Ukraine, where we trampled not only over Obama’s red line… again… but where nobody quite explained the “costs” to the ex-KGB leader): Syria.  Sure enough, with the US unable to respond in Crimea, has decided to take its fight back to where Europe’s natgas reliance on Gazprom product was first truly exposed.

The US can order non-US personnel around?

More from Reuters:

  • U.S.
  • U.S.

Regardless, if the bloodless Russian annexation of Crimea wasn’t enough to push the S&P to new all time highs, this surely will.

5 thoughts on “Another Escalation: US Freezes Diplomatic Relations With Syria, Orders Non-US Personnel To Leave Country”

  1. That vicious man we have in the white house is bound and determined to start another war regardless the people don’t want it, the world doesn’t believe a word out of his mouth, and there is no basis for it.
    If he takes on Syria, he is taking on Putin, and Putin will hit back. It would be WW3……but the US has a history of attacking nations that cannot fight back, not ones with weaponry and technology equal to our own.
    I keep hearing how advanced our military is…..but so is Russia’s. China and Japan have been building their armies since 2010……the same year they dumped the US dollar…….
    Wars are always fought for money. Only the US is so corrupt, it fights wars to enrich private corporations at public expense. Not one cent goes into the treasury, and the people are sick of it, and of this leadership.
    The US is ripe for a demigod. Any person who has not read up on the history of Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia in the 1930s really would do well to do so now.
    The US is as hated as was Germany in 1940. To attack Syria or Russia is to play right into Putin’s hands…….
    pity we don’t have leaders who put the welfare of this nation first……..
    I see an ugly scenario as the US dollar continues to fall in usage around the world and our corrupt leaders seek to hide the full dimension of that to the American people. You cannot hide prices, and the falling buying power of the dollar. War won’t hide it, it will accelerate it.
    What fools we have in power, and no way to get rid of them……..the election process has been hijacked, and corrupted.

  2. This worries me.
    israel (sic) and US wanted to take Syria for two reasons. 1. Iran for US 2. Access to water source in Golan Heights for israel.
    Vlad thwarted it by exposing the lies upon which the threats were based, despite strange attacks by israel, until Vlad warned the yid.
    Vlad is being tested at home on the Black Sea.
    Re-starting the Syrian issue, which, according to recent reports is in a dire state of starvation and poverty following the last incursion by US funded militia, would be a big threat to Vlad, unless he has prior knowledge and is prepared.
    He probably is, but I think this is a devious US ploy to draw him out and expose his flank.

  3. Squodgy: I don’t know about oven chips……but, the US has no support to start another war, especially against Putin who is surging in popularity around the world. I bet if there were an honest poll here in America, Putin would beat our leadership in popularity and trust 3:1. Also, wars take years to plan and set into action, and the US doesn’t have the time left, it is sinking like a stone into obscurity.

    Putin might be a demigod, at least for that section of the world…….he is the closest to a Napoleon I have yet to see in my lifetime. The idiots the US have in leadership are viewed in total contempt. The American people are looking for a demigod……and just as Hitler and Mussolini did, he will appear……..

    Any nation has to have allies to start a war half way around the world……the US has none. Even the UK won’t buck Putin, and Israel is as deeply hated as the US. The US would lose, strategically it would be nearly impossible, and the world would unite against us. That is how damaged our international position has become thanks to terrible leadership. WW3 would be the world against the US, anyone who says otherwise is dreaming.

    International relations between the US and the rest of the world have gone so far downhill since Bush was president that there is no support for more US attacks…..the world is sick of them, and so are the American people. Americans do not trust anything our leaders say, the propaganda machine has become so bereft of any truth, that even those who are not politically curious are recognizing how weak US media has become. It is pure tabloid.

    The market is so rigged, nobody with any sense even pays mind to the shills who pitch daily lies to those who still are foolish enough to listen to the financial channels. 85% of all transactions are high frequency skim and sell……the real investors make up about 15% of the total market, and of that percentage, we don’t know how many of them are playing on margin……. The market is nearly empty. The American Stock Exchange was melded into the NYSE, now they are talking about doing the same with the NASDAQ……that is how desperate they are for real money……they are consolidating all they can. Putting startups on the NYSE used to be unheard of, but now, there are no regulations on these crooks.

    Putin has his people behind him, US leaders do not. Even another 911 won’t work because the US is begging for it…..and it is too obvious to all. Before Bush, we had respect, and we didn’t go around attacking nations that had done nothing to us, so 911 was a shock and a real attack…..but the Bush Doctrine has been endorsed and set in stone by this false progressive we have in the white house. The US has become the nation of warmongers.

    Obama has destroyed more civil rights than Bush ever did…..he took all of Bush’s horrors and set them in stone with NDAA……adding the worst empowering of the military since King George of England was in power. This constitutional scholar took his specialized knowledge to destroy the very document he swore to protect. For that, he is damned in history. He is despised by the right and the left, he violated his promises to every person and group that ever supported him. He is a globalist, and he does not serve the best interests of this nation any more than Bush did.

    Even worse, he has shown himself just as aggressive and warlike as they come…….. continuing drone attacks against nations that have done nothing to us expand. Every time that cheap, cowardly game is played, the US loses respect and becomes more hated. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel……..using drones is just as low.

    We are now the rogue nation Germany was in 1940, we are viewed by much of the world as a threat to world peace. Our word means nothing, the creatures in power say one thing and do the opposite.
    I shudder to think what the next president will be like……..

  4. Firstly, in England, a US processed food producer markets ‘oven cooked french fries’ (we call them chips) under the name McCain. Is he your demigod? (only joking)
    That quip went down well eh? Never mind.
    UK is screwed by its own ‘special relationship’, so it cannot even play the mediating diplomat as it is perceived as being the poodle to US. The PTB own both UK & USA, and they are zionists.
    Apart from that the way our ‘leaders’ (ha!) Cameron & Hague the vague obediently side with whoever the PTB tell them is more cringeworthy than listening to Bliar tell bare faced lies or Bush speak the English language.


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