Ron Paul Defends Putin Over Crimea Referendum

Former Rep. Ron Paul
Former Rep. Ron Paul

Ron Paul defends Putin over Crimea referendum (PressTV, March 14, 2014)

Former US congressman Ron Paul has defended Russian President Vladimir Putin over the upcoming referendum in Ukraine’s autonomous region of Crimea.

Following the current crisis in Ukraine, people in Crimea will vote on Sunday on whether they want to be part of Ukraine or Russia.

In an interview with Fox News, Paul said Washington and its Western allies participated in the overthrow of the government of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

“This whole thing that Putin is the big cause of the trouble and yet there’s pretty good evidence that the Europeans as well as the American government had to contrive to have the overthrow of a government that most people say had been elected,” Paul said.

“And then for them to come along and say ‘Well, it’s an illegal government,’ and they want to have a referendum now, you know, in Crimea ‘Oh no that’s not permissible’,” he added.

“And they say everything Putin does is illegal. He’s no angel, but actually he has some law on his side. They have contracts and agreements and treaties for a naval base there and the permission to go by that area,” the former Texas Rep. explained.

Paul also noted that the Obama administration is hiding the truth about the crisis.

“It reminds me a little bit about what would happen if all of sudden they said that the Americans are occupying Guantanamo illegally and we’ve just invaded Guantanamo,” he said. “It’s such a façade and hiding the truth.”

“I think people have a right of self-determination. It’s written to the international law. It’s a moral principle and of course if you believe in limited government, everybody should have the right to minimize their government and there should be a right of secession.”

Paul said he does not understand how the United States can argue against the results of the election.

“We loved secession when we seceded from Great Britain, and we loved secession when the Soviet Union broke up,” Paul said.

“I cannot understand how we could we argue against an election. You know that to me sounds like democratic.”

The US has threatened Russia with sanctions if a referendum in Crimea region results in Russian annexation.

“If we are not successful tomorrow in finding a way forward and the referendum – which we all anticipate is going to take place on Sunday – is done without some path forward, there are going to be serious repercussions,” US Secretary of State John Kerry told the House Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday.

1 thought on “Ron Paul Defends Putin Over Crimea Referendum”

  1. Ron Paul has become a voice of reason.
    The US leadership is trying to cover up something else with all this noise……they can and will do nothing because they haven’t a leg to stand on. Also, Putin can and will hit back…….they won’t take him on.
    They are using these endless almost-wars to divert people from a bigger truth……the crumbling economy and dollar. Our dollar is buying less every day, and suddenly they are crying that Russia and China are dumping US debt……they have been slowly and methodically divesting themselves of US debt for the past four years……since it became obvious the US would do nothing to clean up it’s financial markets or punish those who caused a world economic collapse.
    Regardless of the lies on US media, there has been and will be no recovery. Less than half the world is using the dollar any longer in completing international trades…….electronic currencies have made the need for a world reserve currency obsolete. Had the US cleaned up their act, this would not have happened so quickly, but in the last 51 months, the US dollar has dropped from 100% of all international trades to less than half.
    The way the US is angering the world, the movement away from the US and its worthless paper dollar is growing in momentum…….and why these fools in power are acting like this is beyond understanding.
    Are they planning to blame it all on Russia? The truth will show the lies very quickly. If that is their plan, it won’t work. People don’t care much about world economics until it affects them directly……..and every time one goes into a store, the fact our dollar is quickly losing buying power is obvious.
    From toothbrushes, cleaners, paper products, water, food, …… name it……..prices are going through the roof because the dollar is losing value as less people use it at all. This was the big Achilles heel in the paper printing game……it worked as long as the world needed the dollar. Electronic currencies have made the dollar irrelevant…..and that is destroying our economy for all time……the debt level is too high to adjudicate……and our growing unpopularity is adding to the problem.
    When Ron Paul becomes the voice of reason, we are all in trouble……….he is part of another fringe group that we don’t need……but the criminals we have in power are destroying us.
    33-37% of all Americans are out of work. That is every bit as dreadful as the Great Depression. What does this gaggle of fools do? Promote wars, kill any jobs bill, cut food stamps for hungry children……..they are against everyone…..even their own people. They are idiots, and the US can no longer afford fools as leaders.
    This is opening the door for a demigod……..that is what happened in Germany……and it isn’t a pretty sight.


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