Prof. Hiroaki Koide: Fukushima ‘Is Not Under Control At All’ – ‘Accident Is Still Progressing After 3 Years’ – ‘We Can’t Do Anything’

– AP: Radioactive material spews into air & sea at Fukushima — Asahi: Exposure levels spike — Nuclear Expert: We don’t even know where 3 melted reactor cores are… it’s not under control at all; Still getting worse 3 years later (AUDIO) (ENENews, March 11, 2014):

Associated Press, Mar. 10, 2014: The number of workers who were exposed to more than 5 millisievert – the benchmark annual exposure level for seeking labor compensation for developing leukemia – had fallen to 98 in June 2013 but surged back as high as 398 in October before slightly leveling off to about 250 in January.

Asahi Shimbun, Mar. 9, 2014: About half of the workers at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in the three years since the triple meltdown have been exposed to more than 5 millisieverts of radiation, a level used as a radiation exposure reference for humans. The levels of radiation exposure among workers at the crippled Fukushima plant have decreased since the 2011 nuclear accident, but there was a spike from last summer with the problem of dealing with the growing volume of radiation-contaminated water.

AP, Mar. 9, 2014: The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, which exploded and underwent three core meltdowns, continues to spew radiation into the air and sea. […] Robert Geller, a seismologist at the University of Tokyo, said it was troubling that after three years there is no full explanation on what went wrong at Fukushima, and how to avoid a recurrence.

‘Nuclear Hotseat’ hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Mar. 10, 2014 (at 4:30 in) — Professor Hiroaki Koide, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute: There has been no resolution at the accident site itself. Prime Minister Abe has stated that the situation is under control. But from my vantage point, the accident is not under control at all. And there have been no resolutions. […] the reactor cores of Units 1 through 3 melted down, and we don’t even know where they are. We can’t even access those areas for inspection. The accident is still progressing after 3 years. […] Even after 3 years we can’t do anything.

Nuclear Hotseat’s outstanding 3-year commemoration special featuring 9 interviews with some of Japan’s leading voices available here

4 thoughts on “Prof. Hiroaki Koide: Fukushima ‘Is Not Under Control At All’ – ‘Accident Is Still Progressing After 3 Years’ – ‘We Can’t Do Anything’”

  1. The fiction they are doing anything to clean it up is a total lie……you cannot clean up something you cannot get close to without dying. One cannot put furniture back into a burning house……..this is total genocide.
    These bastards ought to be facing the world court for genocide. But, there is no justice or truth left, just corrupt leaders and greedy corporations.
    We are facing our own extinction, and they lie about it.

  2. Today is the 3rd Anniversary of the Fukushima meltdown.
    It is still hemorrhaging into our biosphere.
    The poisons it emits are cumulative.
    It has been labelled an END OF LIFE EVENT (ELE)
    Governments and Newspapers ignore it.
    Here in England we recently has another downpour.
    I decided to take a reading with my Geiger Counter.
    I placed it on the step of the closed patio doors and walked away.
    As I got to the bedroom door the alarm screamed.
    It read 60 McS, six times the background and three times the reading 33 months ago.
    But we’re still told nothing.

  3. In response to Squodgy……you might want to post that reading on That is terrifying, this is an end of life event, and the fools in power can do nothing to stop it, so they say nothing.
    Perhaps this is why other civilizations vanished seemingly overnight. Whenever group rule of fools takes over, that is the end.
    That is real news, and the US populace doesn’t get that any longer, even the dumbed down folks are noticing it.
    I don’t post on Facebook, but a lot of people are discussing the Fukushima disaster there according to friends of mine foolish enough to use it. More people are paying attention……..but they have no power.


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