Is The Stock Market Repeating The 1929 Run Up To The Great Depression?

Is the Stock Market Repeating the 1929 Run Up to the Great Depression? (ZeroHedge, Feb 12, 2014):

Chart courtesy of Tom McClellan of the McClellan Market Report (via Mark Hulbert)

Hulbert notes that the chart “has been making the rounds on Wall Street.”

On the other hand, Martin Armstrong predicts that a worsening economy – and bank deposit confiscation – in Europe will cause people to flood into American stocks as a “safe haven” for a couple of years.

And the Fed has more or less admitted that propping up the stock market is a top priority.

1 thought on “Is The Stock Market Repeating The 1929 Run Up To The Great Depression?”

  1. Keeping the market propped up is much easier these days thanks to only a few individuals controlling huge funds (at least on paper if not in fact), they can manipulate the market at will…….until people start cashing in, and taking their money. That is the boogey man they all fear, and it is already happening all over Europe. Here, the move from big banks to credit unions is hurting the greedy guts enough to lobby congress to force credit unions to become banks……..they are scared.
    A couple of years ago, the IMF wanted to set a standard. Each bank was to hold five cents on deposit for every dollar they claimed as assets.
    Problem……the banks would have needed to borrow the money, and the idea was dropped.
    Bank holidays are in our future.
    We are far worse off than in 1929 when our currency was backed with gold instead of ink, we were an emerging MFG power and the world’s largest lending nation. Today, the opposite is the case, and the debt level is beyond the math level of most people. It is totally insane.
    They will soon have to pay the fiddler……and they will endeavor to force the people to pay for them, as they have up until now. But, many people no longer have the money, the numbers are far too big. There is no way to repay all that debt, so a global economic collapse is in our near future. The banking clowns committing suicide are the canaries in the coal mine.


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