California Kayakers Report ‘Radioactive Residue From Fukushima’ – Universities Testing Ocean: Higher Levels ‘Should Happen Soon’

California Kayakers report ‘radioactive residue from Fukushima’ — Universities testing ocean: Higher levels “should happen soon” — Every person interviewed in newspaper article is concerned about radiation (ENENews, Feb 5, 2014):

La Jolla Light, Feb. 4, 2014: Mark Thiemens, dean of physical sciences at UCSD, said [of] recent reports of local kayak operators picking up radioactive residue from Fukushima on the bottoms of their boats […] “it’s not likely coming from Japan.” […] every few weeks for the past several years Thiemens’ crew has sent water samples collected off the La Jolla coast to Timothy Jull, a professor of geosciences and physics at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Jull’s doctoral students are testing the samples for levels of iodine-129 […] Thiemens’ research showed radioactivity in the air took about five days to cross the Pacific Ocean, it takes about two to three years for water to cross the Pacific. […] Thiemens believes it is important to continue monitoring radiation levels from Fukushima.

Dean Thiemens, Feb. 4, 2014:  “I wouldn’t go so wholesale to say there’s nothing else coming […] Even if you’re 99 percent sure … the safest thing is just to measure.”

Professor Jull, Feb. 4, 2014: “What we’ve seen so far is a slow increase directly after the Fukushima accident […] Now we’re looking for a larger (reading), which should happen soon.”

Further up the coast in Santa Cruz, a weekly paper published interviews with several localsabout Fukushima radiation:

  • Kirk Hatfield, Writer: I am very worried about the radiation that’s coming from Fukushima, and I don’t know how it’s showing up—whether it’s in seafood, or just through the air. But I think we are being impacted. I’ll bet you if we checked with the local hospitals on people’s lymphs and things like that … I know I’ve experienced a little of that and I’m having some tests. I’m not eating any fish.
  • Joe Rosseau, Retired: I absolutely am worried about it. I think it’s the same as many other issues, I think it’s just that the big corporate higher up people simply do not care. Do fish get radiated? I think they do. I haven’t eaten fish in a while. I’m sure some stuff is suspect. I think we need to be conscious of caring about things.
  • Clarke Shultes, Building Designer: Yeah, I’m worried about it. It’s beginning to show up in certain seafood now, and we have to know that we’re all connected by the ocean, and whatever happens over there happens over here, one way or another. […]

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  1. More grim news, now the truth of the hour is that the poisons coming out of Fukushima are 1000X what Tepco has claimed………by tomorrow, who knows? Maybe 2000X. The situation is dire, millions will die, and US corporate media continues their blackout.
    I sincerely hope there is a special hell for corporatists…….


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