Fukushima Evacuee: We’re Human Guinea-Pigs In An Experiment … We’ll Never Forgive Gov’t Or Tepco! – US Attorney: Japan Threatening To Put People Who Speak Out In Concentration Camps

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Another 20 Navy Sailors Of USS Ronald Reagan Crew With Thyroid Cancers, Leukemia, Brain Tumors, Bleeding, Blindness After Fukushima Disaster

Fukushima Evacuee: We’re human guinea-pigs in an experiment… we’ll never forgive gov’t or Tepco! — US Attorney: It’s up to the American people to make them pay; Japan is threatening to put people who speak out in concentration camps (AUDIO) (ENENews, Dec 12, 2013):

The Asia-Pacific Journal, Dec. 9, 2013 (translated by Tom Gill) — Shoji Masahiko, Fukushima evacuee: […] now what really matters is human health. […] The national government and the village mayor insist now as ever that they will decontaminate the village, that they will enable us to go home […] But why, when human life and health should be the top priority, should that be reason to choose return, return to the village, as a higher priority than the people’s health, our children’s health, our grandchildren’s health? – That is something I cannot fathom. For my part I have actually started to think that we are being used as the world’s first human guinea-pigs, in an experiment […] We will never forgive those responsible – the national government, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, and those who helped make this happen!

Nuclear Hotseat #129, Dec. 10, 2013:

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Charles Bonner, attorney representing Navy sailors who were aboard the USS Ronald Reagan during the operation to help Japan after 3/11: [People from Japan] will get their opportunity, we will submit declarations on their behalf and their voices will be heard in this lawsuit. We welcome them… they want people in America to know that in Japan — they’re threatening to put people in concentration camps who speak out about the secrets of the risk of harm of nuclear power. They do not want people to speak out about what happened in Japan.

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Bonner: We want the injured people in Japan to also be compensated. Right now the government is doling out about $500 per person and these people are now having major thyroid cancer problems, the same kind of problems that these American sailors are having… leukemias, bleeding, rashes, memory loss, all of the host of problems…without any recourse. They don’t have a judicial system like we have in America where the sailors have a right to jury trial and have the right to have the people in the community determine what is fair and reasonable and just compensation. And whether or not Tepco should be punished — should have to pay punitive damages for knowingly exposing people to this level of risk… It’s all of their offspring, because their children will be affected.

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Bonner: The most important thing to do is contact the military and contact lawmakers, and demand that these lawmakers bring all of the resources they have… These are the first responders. We go all over the world — whenever there’s disasters, we’re the first ones to go into help… They were deceived and that deception has resulted in injury to them for the rest of their lives. We must make Tepco pay, and it’s up to the American people to make them pay.

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