Unprecedented Concentration Of Sea Creatures Near Shore In California

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Fukushima Radiation Plume To Hit U.S. West Coast Any Day Now – Senior Scientist: ‘Really Bizarre’ U.S. Not Testing

NYTimes: Unprecedented concentration of sea creatures near shore in California; Experts baffled, longtime residents astounded — Biologist: “It’s a very strange year… The $64,000 question is why?” — Similar to ‘extraordinary’ events seen recently along Canada’s Pacific coast? (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 25 ,2013):

New York Times, November 24, 2013: It began with the anchovies, miles and miles of them […] in the waters of Monterey Bay. Then the sea lions came, by the thousands […] the pelicans […] bottlenose dolphins [in groups of 100 or more have been spotted] […] But it was the whales that astounded even longtime residents — more than 200 humpbacks […] and, on a recent weekend, a pod of 19 rowdy orcas […] the water in every direction roiled with mammals […] For almost three months, Monterey and nearby coastal areas have played host to a mammoth convocation of sea life that scientists here say is unprecedented in their memories […] never that anyone remembers have there been this many or have they stayed so long […] Last month, so many anchovies crowded into Santa Cruz harbor that the oxygen ran out, leading to a major die-off. Marine researchers are baffled about the reason for the anchovy explosion. […]

Baldo Marinovic, research biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz: “It’s a very strange year […] The $64,000 question is why this year? […] Now [the anchovies are] all kind of concentrating on the coast.”

Just a few weeks ago similar sightings were reported along Canada’s Pacific coast:

Vancouver Sun, Nov. 6, 2013: An extraordinary string of recent whale encounters around Vancouver Island is likely due to luck, not one factor, experts say. “This has not been a typical year,” said John Ford, head of the cetacean research program at Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. […] The “biggie” of the bunch is the endangered North Pacific right whale, spotted twice in B.C. waters for the first time in 60 years. […] There have been other remarkable whale encounters […]  passengers aboard the B.C. ferry between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen were treated to the sight of a superpod of about 1,000 Pacific white-sided dolphins […]

Nick Claxton, Indigenous academic adviser at the University of Victoria: Recent whale encounters could have a deeper meaning, according to an Indigenous worldview […] “We see them as our relatives, as ancestors. All of these occurrences remind us of our place here and our connection to the natural world. It’s for the better of all of us to listen.”

Indigenous leaders have recently been attempting to get the world listening: Yale: Chief Arvol Looking Horse at U.N. to speak about Fukushima crisis and threat to future of humanity — 2001 Quote: “Contamination of our food and land now affecting way we think… disease of the mind has set in World Leaders… faced with chaos, disasters, diseases… end of life as we know it”?

Watch video from the New York Times about the events in California here

4 thoughts on “Unprecedented Concentration Of Sea Creatures Near Shore In California”

  1. ….How come if these guys have degrees in biology, marine biology etc…. how come none of them have made the connection between these events and fukushima? are they being paid to not care, or do they just not care?

  2. My guess is that they need food, much of the sea creatures and plants they feed on have been destroyed by Fukushima; They are literally being run to our shores to find food. Also, they are probably getting sick.
    Japan needs to be charged with crimes against humanity…..they have destroyed our food chain. Every time I think about it, I want to line those TEPCO executives and move them to the free rent housing in Fukushima, and make them stay there. The same for the Japanese government.
    Millions are going to die from their folly, there will be famine and upheaval such as we have never seen. Safe food and water will be the real gold……..you can’t eat or drink those pretty yellow bars.

  3. To Simon Park: They are lying. They have been prohibited from telling the truth, the greedy guts in power don’t want a panic. So, they claim not to know when it is obvious. Right now, there are still a lot of people in denial, but the tide is shifting. We cannot eat sea food from the Gulf of Mexico thanks to BP Oil, the Pacific, thanks to TEPCO.
    Dead oceans don’t provide the oxygen these sea creatures need, that is one reason they are over here, the radiation is destroying the oxygen content. There is still oxygen close to the west coast, but it is being destroyed every damn day.

    Some scientists say the Pacific will be 100% toxic by 2016. I think it will be sooner.
    Common sense is what is needed here, not more government lies. This is a crime against all life. The bastards should all be put into the houses they were offering free to pregnant women to move to Fukushima, and make them stay there. That is what I would do with the Japanese governors, and TEPCO executives…..leave them to die in Fukushima as they are doing to us.
    I grew up in San Francisco, was born there. I grew up going to Fisherman’s Warf every Friday for fresh fish…..now, it is all unsafe to eat.
    Typical governments are blacking out this story, have been since 3/11/11. Send all of them to Fukushima for sitting by and doing nothing.
    Fukushima: the new Siberia.


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