Fukushima Update (Nov 20, 2013): ‘One Mistake From Disaster’

Nuclear Professor: Yes, worry about what they’re doing at Fukushima, there’s good reason — One mistake from disaster — Gov’t has lost public trust, I don’t believe them either — Another quake to be ‘final blow’ for Japan (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 19, 2013)

TV: Work at Fukushima plant to go on for 10,000 years? Nuclear Expert: “It’s longer than human history” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 19, 2013)

Gundersen: Unit 4 pool can turn into a nuclear reactor as they pull rods up — Bloomberg: Like a “self-sustained chain reaction similar to meltdowns” — NHK: Fuel is 1% plutonium (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 19, 2013)

AP: Melted Fukushima fuel is 12 inches from entering ground after eating through concrete, says simulation — Study: Molten core suspected of eroding through concrete foundation — Gov’t Expert: We just can’t be sure until actually seeing inside (ENENews, Nov 19, 2013)

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  1. Another update. Using gamblers in debt to the Yakuza, homeless people, etc. to do the cleanup is bad enough. The Japanese government calls on the Yakuza (Japan’s organized crime families) for help in matters like this……these folks are considered throw away specimens.
    This is so dreadful, and if people could read this story, the would understand why so many of us are 100% opposed to corporate rule.
    The workers are given NO TRAINING, not even enough protective gear. This is a war against humanity. These greedy SOBs have to profit regardless how many sicken and die.
    Here is the link:


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