TOTAL INSANITY At Fukushima Exposed By Fukushima Workers

TV: Fukushima workers “fear for their own safety” — “The truth is astonishing… I don’t dare wash my hands, even after using toilet” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 14, 2013):

NTD Television, Nov. 13, 2013: According to reports by one of the major newspapers in Japan, Mainichi Shimbun, the decontamination workers used to throw the contaminated waste or water into nearby rivers. Mr. O also confirms that improper disposal of contaminated waste is seen every day at the site.

CCTV News, Nov. 14, 2013:

CCTV correspondent Matt Stuttard: Two of the decontamination workers at Fukushima, they’ve taken a big risk, being interviewed about their daily work. They say workers received no detailed training before starting the job and no advice. […] the workers say they were given no information on how the handle the material. […]

Worker: Sometimes we don’t have enough plastic bags. So we find a place and dig a pit, and throw all the polluted soil into it […]

CCTV: The workers say they fear for their own safety, and that of the whole team.

Worker: I used to have no idea if the water we use to wash our hands was polluted. I used to wash my hands before eating. I’m now wondering how much radioactive substances have gone into my body. Now I know the truth, I don’t dare to wash my hands, even after using the toilet. The truth is astonishing.

Watch the CCTV report here

3 thoughts on “TOTAL INSANITY At Fukushima Exposed By Fukushima Workers”

  1. This is unbelievable, corporate corruption on a lower and more disgusting level than ever before.
    These bastards don’t care how many millions die. US corporate corrupt rotten BS media isn’t touching the subject but to lie about it, and tell everyone it won’t hurt anyone here……..ABC said that…….in a less corrupt society, they would be charged for outright lies………
    The workers are receiving ZERO training. No nuclear specialists or engineers leading the effort. If one piece of those 15 foot long, 600 Lb rods touch each other, there will be an explosion putting even more poisons into the air.
    ALL the workers will die. Millions more will die thanks to TEPCO.
    This ought to be charged as a crime against humanity in the world court.


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