‘Cancer Cases In Fukushima Emerging Faster Than Expected’ – Japan Surgeon: I’m Very Angry, It’s Very Strange Officials Won’t Release Basic Data

ABC Radio: “Cancer cases in Fukushima emerging faster than expected” — Japan Surgeon: I’m very angry, it’s very strange officials won’t release basic data (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 4, 2013):

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Nov. 5, 2013: High thyroid cancer rates detected in Fukushima children […] A prominent former thyroid surgeon, who is also a veteran of the Chernobyl disaster, has told the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program that the number of cancer cases in Fukushima are emerging faster than expected. However, another cancer specialist says the high rate is simply a product of widespread, sensitive screening, and no-one should be alarmed.

AM with Tony Eastley, Nov. 5, 2013 (Transcript Excerpts):

TONY EASTLEY, Host: One of the terrible legacies of the radioactive fallout from the Russian disaster at Chernobyl is now being visited upon people in Japan. Researchers in Fukushima are uncovering higher than expected rates of thyroid cancer in children. […]

MARK WILLACY, ABC’s North Asia correspondent: Before the nuclear meltdowns, health authorities estimated thyroid cancer rates among Fukushima’s children at between one and two cases in every million. Since the disaster […] about 200,000 children tested, there have been 18 confirmed cases of thyroid cancer and 25 more suspected cases – an unexpectedly high rate.

AKIRA SUGENOYA, Mayor of Matsumoto City and thyroid surgeon who spent years treating children in Ukraine and Belarus after Chernobyl: When I look at Fukushima now the number of thyroid cancer cases in kids is quite high. The doctors in Fukushima say that it shouldn’t be emerging this fast, so they say it’s not related to the accident. But that’s very unscientific, and it’s not a reason that we can accept. […]

GERALDINE THOMAS, Imperial College London: Following Fukushima I doubt that there will be any rise in thyroid cancers in Japan. […] If you look for a problem, especially if you use an incredibly sensitive technique, which is what the Japanese are actually doing, you will find something.

WILLACY: […] But as Foreign Correspondent discovered, Fukushima’s health authorities are acting almost in secret, even refusing our request for a simple age breakdown of the thyroid cancer victims, citing privacy reasons. This refusal to share basic data has aroused the suspicions of thyroid specialist Akira Sugenoya.

SUGENOYA: I’m still very angry. I think they have this data, so it’s very strange why they won’t release it.

WILLACY: And it’s not just the thyroid data that has been kept secret, so too were the initial meetings of the Fukushima panel charged with screening the region’s children. For parents like Tomoko Koike, who are worried about the effect of the fallout on their young children, it smells like a cover up.

TOMOKO KOIKE: I do not think they’re telling us everything. I cannot trust what they say. […]

Full broadcast available here

4 thoughts on “‘Cancer Cases In Fukushima Emerging Faster Than Expected’ – Japan Surgeon: I’m Very Angry, It’s Very Strange Officials Won’t Release Basic Data”

  1. Japan is the finished product of a corporate oligarchy. This is why a corporation ought never run a nation.
    Two years ago, Japan offered 50,000 tourists free trips to Japan….all they had to do was declare how great Japan was……..and feed TEPCO’s lies.
    Now, they offer pregnant women free rent to move to Fukushima. Free rent in exchange for lies about TEPCO.
    Our sardines are gone, they are giving all kinds of disease names to the starfish that show up as goo, the salmon is yellow. This is all due to the radiation poisons coming from Japan. The fact they lie about it doesn’t change the facts.
    They refused Russia’s help because Russia might tell the truth. Russia had a similar problem in the 1980s, they moved everyone out, and buried the reactor in concrete. Nobody is allowed to go in there, it is radioactive.
    The US was finally asked to go in and help….two and one half years after the disaster. The US will lie with them, and that is what this is all about, lies.
    Lies for corporate profit. Obama wants to build a nuclear reactor here in the states. TEPCO controls 98% of Japan’s power grid, so their profits are more important than the lives of the Japanese people.
    Some scientists say the Pacific ocean will be 100% toxic by 2016, two years from now.
    We get most of our oxygen from the oceans, and the gulf of Mexico is already dead thanks to the BP spill disaster. The corporate oligarchy doesn’t care, it only cares about the corporation.
    Look at another example, the Catholic church, the world’s oldest corporation. The priests have gotten the church into great difficulty, many have left it forever, because they were more concerned about preserving the wealth and power of the corporation, than the organism, the people. So, people have left in droves, they had to appoint a second pope to do PR work, pope Benedict is so evil, and has such a debased sexual history. Nothing like this has happened in centuries.
    Nations have to serve people not organizations. Those of us in CA face extinction thanks to TEPCO, and the collusion of world governments that have sat silent while this disaster has expanded to consume the Pacific Ocean.
    Our food chain has been irrevocably destroyed…..we face a future we have never experienced before.
    This is why people have to rise up, and get rid of the corporate grip……if they don’t, all will die. As it stands, millions will die, the beautiful CA coast will soon be too toxic for people to visit or enjoy it.
    Thanks for staying on this story. The corporate owned media continues it’s trite coverage of sound and fury signifying nothing.


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