Baupost’s Jim Mooney Summarizes Today’s ‘Investment Process’ In 50 Words

Baupost Summarizes Today’s “Investment Process” In 50 Words (ZeroHedge, Sep 20, 2013):

We are firm believers in not using hundreds of polysyllabic words and meandering, run on sentences if one well-placed phrase can summarize the big picture accurately and succinctly. Such as this one from Baupost’s Jim Mooney (head of the firm’s Public Investment group) who in 50 words says more about today’s “investment process” than countless straight to Kindle books and a cornucopia of $29.95 monthly newsletters ever could:

… It appears to us that many market participants are quite dissonant regarding how they should be positioned, wrestling with the competing sentiments: “I can’t afford to miss a rally, but I sure can’t afford to get killed if things go in the other direction because none of this is real.

QE (pardon the pun) D

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