Dr. John Bergman: How To Reverse Arthritis Naturally (Updated Video)



Dr Bergman explains how to reverse arthritis without using dangerous prescription drugs…and, yes, even Advil and Tylenol have detrimental effects on the joint cartilage.

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  1. Dr Bergman, Thank you. I wish you were in South Africa! Protein froth in urine – how to cure (kidney failure?)? Seventy-seven year old male. Not on these diabolical pharmaceuticals. Need natural rejuvenation of kidneys. Please help. Also lower back pain.

  2. I would like to learn more, do you know of anyone in Canada that approaches health like you do? How are the fees structured? My husband is scheduled for his first knee replacement in Dec and I know I would also benefit from this type of treatment.
    Have you thought of teaching?

    • @Sharon Kiehlbauch,

      You can’t reach Dr. Bergman through this website.

      Connect with him via …


      I don’t know about your husbands condition, but I can tell you this:

      Ask all the doctors on the planet what they themselves would do to avoid knee surgery and the most predominant & honest answer is and will be:


      Yes, they are the first to recommend surgery to their patients, because they have to generate money.

      There are health practitioners to be found all around the world that approach health like Dr. Bergman does.

      Personally, I now recall a patient that went to a TCM clinic (with chinese doctors) because of knee pain and got treated ten times, without any positive result whatsoever.

      Then she came to us.

      When my colleague suggested her to nevertheless get an acupuncture treatment from me, she was of course very reluctant to say the least and I clearly felt that (…and I didn’t like at all to be in this position myself.)

      It’s probably as hard to believe for you (and all my other readers) as it was for her that the pain was totally gone with just one treatment using only body and ear acupuncture.

      I haven’t even used neural therapy (Dr. Huneke).

      After the first treatment she was anxious to make another appointment.

      Being free of constant pain is of course wonderful.

      Yet, instead I gave her homework to do.

      I photocopied her 2 pages from my ear acupuncture book and explained to her how and why to massage all the important points I’ve marked for her.

      Now she was a little afraid that I would refuse to treat her again, but I explained to her that because the acupuncture treatment was able to get rid of all the pain that she can effectively heal herself.

      Half a smile came back on her face.

      And I told her that of course I will treat her again if necessary.

      Several weeks went by, then she came to the clinic to get help for her kids.

      This time she was smiling all over the place, because now she told me that the pain is still gone and that she was able to do physical activities that she thought would never ever be possibly again in her lifetime.

      That said …. There are many good therapies out there …. You need to find a good holistic therapist.

      There are many people that have healed their bodies, even if doctors told them that operation is absolutely inevitable, through diet alone.


      Green juices (you need a slow juicer) really do work miracles.

      I usually have very limited time for comments (and proof-reading).

      Got to go.

      Infinite Unknown

  3. Dear John
    I watched your u tube program on You tube, especially on relieving arthritis naturally.
    I am 68 year old Chinese living in Singapore. I have spinal stenosis of L4 & L5 and also knee issues (chondromalacea) of both knees.

    Any advise on how I can improve my situation.


  4. Hi Dr John
    I have osteoarthritis on my spine. I am in constant pain. Can you help me give me advice or treatment .please help.

  5. I have been suffering from sensitive skin, numbing, tingling and pain on my leg (below the knee) and my feet. Also I have been suffering from tingling, pain and numbing on my finger tips.

    Do you have any natural healing method?



  6. Dear Dr. John, I have osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine, had spinal fusion on r/side 2 two ago, now L1/2 shows I have broadbased disc bulging with mild retrolisthesis with a mild canal stenosis, I live in Australia, Melbourne. Many years ago had an accident on my stairs, I slipped buttocks landed on steps and slipped from each steps and knocking my lower back, had x-rays done showed no fractures and over the years developed osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine, can you suggest what I have to do. Thank-you Dr. John for reading my story, regards Josie

  7. Hey Dr.John Bergman,I really thank you for being a awesome Chiropractor,I don’t like meds I love taking the holistic approach on health,and you send out positive energy and you speak of meditation and prayer that is the key to the healing process,so keep being you,you are a funny guy and laughter is so good forkeeping ya youth and I took your advice over a year ago on a thyroid issue going gluten free and it really worked !! On a score from 1-10 ,I rate you doc ********** p.s. keep putting out that positive energy Doc , we need to eleminate these bad drug’s. Brenda Robinson from the state of texas!! wishing you peace and good health !!T.C..

  8. Hello, all. I have only recently discovered Dr. John Bergman’s excellent videos : he was on one with Dr. Josh Axe, who is clearly on the same ‘track’, and also so very helpful. The presentations echo a lot of less detailed programmes/ talks that have popped up now and then, over many years, e.g., about ‘Big Pharma’, and how they want to keep selling stuff ! I have long suspected ‘a pill for every ill’, and suspected treating symptoms was not the whole answer. The natural approach is obviously more in tune with our still ancient bodily systems. (Need a plant based diet, 75% approx, fruits and veg, with 15% each, proteins and starches….starches seem to be less needed than we have been led to believe : refined flours, sugar, etc are acid formers, no good for the body, but we do need a few ‘carbs’….also, we don’t need as much animal protein as we have been coerced to believe : the ancient early hominids ate mostly plants, roots, nuts, berries, seeds, with occasional protein and sometimes a little honey).
    In the late 1980’s, I was acquainted with Doris Grant, ( promoter /author of Hay System books : ‘Food Combining for Health’, and (‘ditto’) “for Life” . I had good results from her advice , after my digestion was damaged by radiotherapy after major cancer, so looked into it more closely. What Dr. Bergman says now fits in perfectly with Doris’s and Dr. Hay’s reasoning, so long ago (early 20th century approx?): I have a copy of his lovely little book about the early content of his ‘Hay System’ : he was very ill and was advised to “put his affairs in order”, so he set about trying to cure his condition with food : it worked, and he went on to help many people thereafter.
    A few years ago, I heard a programme about bread, how we bred wheat strains up from basically grass seeds, over centuries. The current flours used in most every-day breads are very different from those used, even a hundred years ago.(echoes with cautions about G.M.O.’s…). Many people find gluten a problem, and I think it’s true that increased gluten was encouraged, in the development processes, over many years…
    Ref’ the chemicals that most doctors seem locked into prescribing: Yes, you can get a great long leaflet in a prescription drug packet, setting out all the side effects, and how many % of patients might get them, etc., (I wonder if all that information is to protect the companies in case of litigation ?!), but how many people actually read those long documents ? I wonder….
    Dr. Bergman’s holistic approach makes superb sense.
    I don’t care if he DOES sell books ,and make money, that’s fair enough, because what he is telling us is helping humans help themselves, and live better. We have let the greedy food co.’s talk us into more and more unnatural, junk food, and I know from the Hay System, that too many acid-formers will wreck your health. Just look at the adverts on t.v. for fast food ‘deals’ : meat, batter, french fries, bread / baps : all acid formers. On one ad’ today I looked yet agin at the array of expensive ‘junk’ on the table, and there was one little bowl of salad, on the edge, but I just wonder, was that a ‘serving suggestion ‘?! The humans were keen to eat the junk covering most of the table !
    I’m 69, and recently found my blood pressure rather higher than I would like, so started looking on the Net for herbs etc, to lower it. Seems there is a lot you can do, and I am very encouraged. My husband has been on chemicals (Ramipril etc), for years, and I don’t want to go down that route.
    I also seem to be getting post menopausal arthritis, having phased out ‘Premarin’,over about a year, after ovarian cancer at age 38. The increased risk of cancer with advancing age was a factor in this, and I have since read about many ladies who have been plunged quite fast into pain and disability in this way.
    I am delighted to see there are several videos about reversing arthritis, and am greatly encouraged to try the recommendations, since I am already very impressed with Dr. Bergman’s detailed talks, examples, explanations, etc.
    To tackle the B.P.,(and apparently the concoction I have devised will help in other ways as well ), I selected the following as my ‘magic drink ‘:
    In about a cup of spring water :
    juice of one small lemon ,
    1 teaspoon turmeric,
    1 teaspoon ginger (raw preferably),
    2 teaspoons genuine honey (beware, many fakes around),
    2 cloves garlic.
    All whizzed up in a blender. I am sure, even after 2 weeks , (once a day ,first thing, on an empty stomach), there is already a difference. I was looking for B.P. reduction first, but my hip joints (or whatever was causing pain on walking – I was wondering about tendons at first ) are MUCH better already, and I wasn’t even thinking about them just yet !! (was going to see to B.P. first, to avoid risk of stroke, mainly). I don’t think it’s the placebo effect. Time will tell, and I propose to persevere with ‘the magic drink’, plus whatever advice comes from the anti-Arthritis videos, which I haven’t seen yet. (19 May, 2017). I am excited to hope that , with this extra knowledge and help, I won’t end up crippled like my mother by a few years hence…). And like the B.P., I do not want to take chemicals…..If I can slow down or delay arthritis, I feel my life will not have to suffer restrictions in activities : still loads of heavy gardening & house maintenance to do, and after 2 decades loss of piano playing and fine art, I don’t want arthritis preventing me taking those up again.
    So ‘a thousand thanks’, not least to the technology that spreads so much wonderful knowledge. It might have taken me years to research this, via libraries, etc., but here it all is, at the touch of a button : a world of vital knowledge, presented in a straightforward, clear way .
    Hoping for great results, and no reason to doubt it !
    “Watch this space !”
    Hopefully I can come back to report in a few months time….
    Thank you so much.
    To have hope restored with credible reasoning
    is a wonderful thing.
    R.M., Southern England.


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