Dead In The Water – The Sinking Of The USS Liberty (Full BBC Documentary)




During the Six-Day War, Israel attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty belonging to its closest ally, the USA.

Thirty-four American servicemen were killed in the two-hour assault by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats. Israel claimed that the whole affair had been a tragic accident based on mistaken identification of the ship.

The American government accepted the explanation. For more than 30 years many people have disbelieved the official explanation but have been unable to rebut it convincingly.

Now, Dead in the Water uses startling new evidence to reveal the truth behind the seemingly inexplicable attack. The film combines dramatic reconstruction of the events, with new access to former officers in the US and Israeli armed forces and intelligence services who have decided to give their own version of events.

Interviews include President Lyndon Johnson’s Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara, former head of the Israeli navy Admiral Shlomo Errell and members of the USS Liberty crew.

2 thoughts on “Dead In The Water – The Sinking Of The USS Liberty (Full BBC Documentary)”

  1. Other than being evil demons, why would Israel attack a neutral ship in time of war? Could it be that the U.S. was spying on Israel for the Arabs to even the score. You have to understand that that the U.S’s relationship with Israel has always been one of self-interest..


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