1 thought on “Viral Cotati Stun Gun Video Spurs Police Review”

  1. This is a growing trend; goes with many of the stories you touch on here. I sent you a link of the next story they came out with today, they are investigating the incident, that is better than the last clown, but unless people stay aware, it will sink very quickly.
    The trend is growing, and the more stories tell on them, the better our chances. I am terrified of what I see happening to this nation under this so-called “liberal” would be president. He smiles, and cuts your throat at the same time, probably the most dangerous since Nixon. The only reason I use Nixon is the fact he has a blind base, almost as bad as the Nixon days (of which I hold clear memory) when most people believed that we were the land of the free, home of the brave, & all this stuff we know to be trash now. I am appalled people still want to hang on to that myth in light of what has happened since the coup of 2000. Since I am ill, and will not live much longer, I will state what I see as long as I breathe. I am only one person. People had better wake up, or they will receive a shocking visit from the men in black.
    I remember what happened to the teachers at Cal State in Cotati…….the men in black did show up…..and told them to shut down their rhetoric. It was right after the quick push through of the Patriot Act. I am not kidding, wish I were. Those of us with an education, will soon be the target, look at how the schools are being dumbed down.
    You have a website, be careful. They will start coming after privately held websites very soon.
    I appreciate all the effort you put into this website. Since you also work every day, it is a true act of love. Thank you for your bravery and integrity.
    Marilyn Gjerdrum


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