President Obama’s Graduation Speech At Ohio State University: Reject Voices Warning Of ‘Tyranny’

Obama’s Graduation Speech: Reject Voices Warning of “Tyranny” (Liberty Blitzkrieg, May 6, 2013):

It is incredible to me that Obama felt the need to address this subject during a graduation speech at Ohio State University.  It is without question proof that the Obama administration is well aware of the growing dissent across the land, and is attempting to sway these impressionable youngsters toward obedience to the state using soaring oratory and catch phrases, as all demagogues and dishonest politicians have in the past.  What I find so hilarious is that he wants these kids to assume that the growing ant-establishment sentiment is this country just emerged out of thin air like trillions of Bernanke bucks. As if the latest poll from Pew Research that shows the favorable opinion of the Federal government at a record low of 28% is due to fear mongering rather than legitimate grievances.  How dumb does he think these kids are?

This is just another event that reminds me of the famous Gandhi quote:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you , then you win.

The resistance has now penetrated a large enough percentage of the populace with non-violent ideas of liberty and freedom that the establishment is forced to address it in the public arena, something they’d rather not do as it admits all is not well beneath the surface.

They are now fighting us.  Next up is victory.

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