New Technology Produces Solar Cells From Wood Pulp

[Hope] Technology to produce solar cell from wood pulp is developed, “Manufacturing cost is 1/100,000? (Fukushima Diary, Feb 19, 2013):

Associate professor Nogi from Osaka university developed the technology to produce solar cell from wood pulp with his developing team.

The manufacturing cost is 1/100,000 of the one with glass substrates, 1/500 ~ 5,000 of the one with plastic.

It’s wired by pressure instead of heating, which takes less energy to lessen the environmental burden.

The conversion efficiency is 3%, which is less than the ordinary solar power generation panel attached on the roofs, (10~20%) but the same level as the one with glass substrates.

It’s less than 1mm thick, and it’s foldable.

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