2 thoughts on “MSM Silent On Fukushima Radiation Impact In US”

  1. On March 11, 2013, we will have been receiving a bath of ongoing radioactive poison from Fukushima. Mutations are already too many to mention. Add the fact they are burning the waste and sending it into our atmosphere twice tells me they ought to be stopped and tried for genocide. The heat from the radiation is speeding up the melting of the glaciers, and we are facing disaster. Media is silent because it is corporate owned, and the corporate mentality is denial denial denial. People have to demand more of their media and news sources.
    I wrote Arnie Gunderson, and asked him how the heat is affecting the glaciers melt. I got an instant email saying he got my question, but he never replied to my question…..how much is Fukushima radiation affecting the melting cycle? He never replied, he doesn’t dare.
    Were it not for you, enenews.com, fukushimadiary.com, and one or two others, we would be totally in the dark.
    It may well cause our species to become extinct. What happens to corporate profits then?


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