US Intel Agencies Killing Innocents Around The Globe

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.

US intel agencies killing innocents around the globe (PressTV, Dec 5, 2012):

There has been a war inside the American intelligence community between two factions. On one side, a war between the “technogeeks,” those who spy from afar, who plot, who fabricate, who imagine, who create intelligence, not based on the reality of the world but on the needs of the powerful, the need to “certify lies” and those who would restore a human equation.

If it serves “money” and power for the “geek squad” to say Iran is making nuclear weapons or that a man in a cave defeated America’s air defenses, if it serves “money” to talk of weapons that don’t exist and terror groups that “never were,” the “geek squad” simply makes it up.

This is what the CIA has become, a largely privatized system of “brown nosers” and paid liars, manufacturing a reality that never existed, sending America’s vast military power spinning in circles, eventually toward ruin and defeat.

Once, long ago, intelligence involved people, talking, listening, learning, finding threats but also recognizing opportunities as well.

I saw it in Vietnam, we learned what the people felt, what they wanted, how they valued peace and freedom, we learned but nobody listened.

Instead, we bombed. Today we war with robot planes called “drones,” whose only purpose is to prove to a world in need of a human face that America has no human face.

Now, today, there is a challenge to the “geeks,” a move to send abroad an army of spies, seen as a threat to the world by many but those of us “in the community” know better.

The CIA’s “lie machine” will, inevitably be seduced, be overtaken, be defeated by an enemy they could never understand. That enemy is understanding, learning, seeing and touching the real world, not glaring from afar.

So often, I turn to H.G. Wells and his quote from War of the Worlds:

“No one would have believed…that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men… were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.”

And so it was with the “Masters of the Universe,” with their satellites and drones, sitting on their fat behinds in Washington or London or Tel Aviv, ordering death, “wholesale” death at “bargain basement prices,” a cluster bomb here, a Hellfire missile there, all from afar, all controlled from an air-conditioned cockpit or a hand on a joystick thousands of miles away.

What has not been planned for, what is not foreseen, as those who remember the “old ways” are long since put out to pasture, is the “touch of humanity.”

America’s 11,000 “newborn spies” will drink tea and hear the laughter of children.

The “intelligence community” has a word for such things since they can dehumanize anything. They call it “atmospherics.”

To human beings, it is called “life.”

Some of us who are still around know the “old ways.” We knew the Vietnamese people because we harvested rice beside them, knew their children, we saw their pain, their joy.

The greatest privileges of my life have been the nights spent around the fire with people who shared their meager meals, who offered friendship and hospitality and expected only the same in return.

Each such experience was like being reborn, relearning humanity in the midst of war, there are always wars, I watch more growing around us as we sit and read my simple words, some “low intensity conflicts,” others that can rage out of control and end the future for us all.

They are coming, America’s army of spies, dropping amongst the people of the world, programmed with suspicion and bellicosity, unaware that the world has plans for them they could never imagine.

Those that have watched so long wonder if some hand of fate has reached out. Those of us who watched America become delusional, become insular, ridden with bigotry, race hatred, envy and suspicion, a nation fed on lies, steeped in bizarre mythologies meant to foster a worldview that served the enslavement of all, we now feel a tingle of hope.

We have seen it with our veterans, the “crusader armies” sent out to strike down the terror armies responsible for 9/11.

When America sent out her warriors, her “chosen,” little were they aware they were as those who had gone before, those “chosen” to be used up, discarded and despised.

You see, soldiers become “veterans,” a group our Malthusian overlords look upon as “useless eaters,” a burden on the social fabric, perhaps even a threat, angry, trained to kill and, for those who learned to know truth from lies, a group increasingly looking so much closer to home for America’s real enemies.

As real warriors became increasingly aware they were little but fodder for profiteers, wars for drugs, wars for oil, war for entropy alone, it became necessary to scour the land for new “believers.”

They were there, the newly poor, the victims of the carefully engineered economic collapse, they would fight, but there were others to target.

Today, thousands of members of gangs, the criminal organizations that infect every region of America, that make up an ever growing criminal class, this is where recruiters are now seeking the soldiers to fight the wars of ignorance, the wars the “geeks” have orchestrated for their masters.

It eventually became that way in Vietnam so many years ago, when no one was left, and America emptied her prisons into the military. The results are as we see now, thousands of rapes, murders, military bases that are, in fact, more dangerous to those stationed on them than any combat zone.

Maybe this will change, not all at once but the magic word to the real intelligence officer is “humint,” which means “human intelligence.”

Humint means learning real facts from real people, people who eat and worship and work, people with families and lives, not the cartoon cutouts the propagandized media has fed to America for decade upon decade.

You see, spies are the eyes and ears of every nation. They can’t make those who govern human, they can’t make them moral but they can end the flow of lies used to justify a decade of kidnapping and torture, a decade of robotic wholesale slaughter of an “enemy” dehumanized by the “geeks” that invented “Al Qaeda,” who demonize Iran, who call every man and woman of courage and moral certainty a “terrorist.”

Your “spy” is coming. Make him a cup of tea and break bread together.

Seduce America with humanity and goodness; you cannot imagine how much soullessness has to be overcome.

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