1 thought on “Continued Collapse In Capital Goods New Orders Confirms US Is In Recession (Chart Of The Day)”

  1. Charts make concepts really simple……they cover all.
    The market has nothing to do with the real economy because it is controlled by a few individuals handling hundreds of millions of dollars in large funds. They buy and sell big blocks of stock in less than eight seconds…..High Frequency Trading is what they call it. It isn’t…..it is skimming, and ought to be illegal. There is no investment, just more grabbing, because we don’t build anything any longer. Because the Greedy Guts control the system, nothing about it is real or honest. The small investor is safer with his money (assuming he has any left) hidden in his mattress.
    I saw this morning that a “small shareholder” holding 200 shares of HP is suing them for not disclosing some of their investments, and the stock is down 50% over the last year as a result. The shareholder hasen’t any voice that matters; open and transparent dealings no longer exist in today’s marketplace. Truth is that the company can do as it pleases, and purchasing stock is as reliable as playing CRAPS at the local gambling casino, and just about as safe. It has always been that way, but now, the laws make it nearly impossible for a small investor to get redress.
    The day when buying stock was a smart and sane thing to do with one’s money is long gone…..it is a gamble, nothing more. The deck is stacked in favor of the Greedy Guts.
    The truth is still the truth, regardless of what the talking heads say on the propaganda stations of one’s choice. The western world economy is imploding, and all the lies in the world cannot change that fact. If anyone bothers to do the research, jobs and companies are closing their doors all over. Over 600,000 federal and state jobs have been eliminated over the last 12 months on top of the 65,000 factories that have shuttered their doors in the same time period.
    Capital orders are down.
    No kidding.
    People, it is time to look around, and stop listening to the TV, radio and computer. This is no longer the Land of Opportunity, except for the Greedy Guts, and they don’t share with anyone.
    Time to pay attention, get politically active, and work towards some sane change that will serve the people, not just the greedy few on top.


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