Comparing Israel’s And Hamas’ Firepower (CNN Video)


Brought to you by CNN, the press arm of the Pentagon.

(The video from CNN is not loading. Found it on Youtube.)

Comparing Israel’s And Hamas’ Firepower (CNN, Nov 16, 2012):


CNN’s Tom Foreman uses CNN’s virtual studio to show us the firepower on both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

3 thoughts on “Comparing Israel’s And Hamas’ Firepower (CNN Video)

  1. Zevel, cut the racist crap.
    CNN, true that the Hamas rocket-fire is mean – but what about the decades of Palestinians witnessing their friends and families get massacred as often as there are Israeli elections? Decades of Palestinians having their homes destroyed, of fleeing in terror at Israeli invasions, and of being dispossessed of their homes and lands by Israeli border construction and settlements? What about decades of humiliating poverty because Israel blocks Palestinian economic development?

    Israel wants to protect its people from danger and to do that it’s willing to put Palestinian life in danger – and worse, because Palestinians are actually slaughtered by the thousands and forced to flee their homes. Israel doesn’t care about the preservation of innocent life when it comes to the Palestinians. The United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and the rest of the overwhelming international consensus have consistently accused Israel of “collective punishment”, illegal settlements and land encroachment, illegal separation-wall construction, of aggression, and ALL SORTS of crimes which it ignores with the complicity of the United States.

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