Prof. Hiroaki Koide: Humans Must ‘Decommission’ Fukushima Reactors – Robots Can’t Do Anything Basically (Video)

Japan Nuclear Expert: Humans must ‘decommission’ Fukushima reactors — Robots can’t do anything basically (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Oct 23, 2012):

Watch video of the interview here

Interview with Hiroaki Koide
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Filmed: Oct. 18, 2012
Published: Oct. 23, 2012
Translation: Fukushima Diary

Hiroaki Koide, Kyoto University Reactor Research Institute: You should think robot can’t do anything basically. It has nothing to do with settling the situation. […] They can’t be a help at all. […] Japan hasn’t developed a robot for nuclear emergency at all on the assumption that nuclear accident can never happen. However, some European nations and US have such robots indeed, but their capacity is very limited regardless of remote controlling technology. After all, it must be done by human.

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